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2016 New Bojanuo USB arc pulse lighter charging creative fashion men's personality windproof cigarette lighter

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: January 2016
  • Brand: PRANO / Boyanuo
  • Color classification: classic black gold classic black silver Tang grass Jinhua Tang grass silver flower camouflage gold camouflage silver ice blue ice color ice lettering link blue ice lettering link color ice engraved photo link blue ice engraved photo link Guan Gong silver Guan Gong gold
  • Product number: DH-001

Because the lighter is air contraband, thank you for your understanding and support of our default hair YunDa delivery

Bojanuo arc lighter! 365Day warranty! Genuine guarantee! 4.9High score! Look for big brands, quality guaranteed!

2016 new starting - distinguished experience - Quality choice -Arc lighter

'Why do you choose a Boignano arc lighter?'

  1. Arc ignition convenient and quick, The best ignition distance in 1-2MM does not require complete contact can be lit
  2. Safe and practical original cigarette lighter positioning device, cigarette lighter, point candles, wild life essential.
  3. Zinc alloy plating process , Distinguished luxury, a memorable.
  4. Open the head cover , Ergonomic design, thumb up a handful of easy!
  5. 2 hours charge , Twice the number of similar power point of the cigarette lighter, computer, car, mobile power can be charged
  6. Ultra-thin body thinner than the market 10%, each design is art, men's gifts for their own must-artifacts.
  7. This product can only color ice and blue ice on the lettering and engraved photo (engraved plus 3 yuan side, engraved photo plus 16 yuan side, engraved and engraved photo shoot directly link)