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Space Step A6 Smart Bracelet | Heart Rate Bracelet Monitor Sleep Health Waterproof Exercise Pedometer Health Bracelet

Space Step A6 Smart Bracelet | Heart Rate Bracelet Monitor Sleep Health Waterproof Exercise Pedometer Health Bracelet
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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platform: ANDROID MIUI iOS Baidu cloud OS Alibaba cloud OS
  • Function: Heart Rate Monitor Smart Reminder Sleep Monitor Social Entertainment Step Waterproof
  • Brand: Monwalk / Space Step
  • Model: vidonn series A6
  • Color classification: black red
  • Applicable to: Android platform Apple iOS platform WindowsMobile platform

Space technology and micro-sports information technology to build

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Vidonn series A6 smart bracelet, with Tencent QQ , apple And other brands strong combination, and allowed access to QQ health and apple health center;

The introduction of business (circle of friends), employees (friends circle) sports management, organization of competition! Between husband and wife, between brothers, between lovers, the company staff can manage each other, organize healthy competition, Always watch, monitor friends health and sports!

Give a gift (employee) gift - only move A6 smart bracelet

Business (friends) social interaction circle; heart rate monitoring; OLED display; 9.5mm thin

Purchase reason one: Heart rate monitoring , Dynamic / static heart rate record, peak forged chain / heart and lung forging chain / fat forging chain scientific division;

Purchase reason two: Friends circle system , Business (friends) interactive social system, you can monitor the friends of the sports data, and compete with each other;

Three reasons to buy: IP67 waterproof rating , With swimming, endless fun bath;

Purchase reason four: Micro temperature intelligent touch button , Touch the screen can be implemented, simple, convenient, stylish;

Purchase reason five: Motion algorithm upgrade , Every 2 minutes to store data, can store 7 days of data, a variety of data analysis is accurate;

Purchase reason six: Only 9.5mm body , 19g weight, long wear not tired;

Purchase reason seven: Strap one piece , Strap type buckle, easy to wear off, one molding design, no extra modification, comfortable to wear;

Purchase reason eight: OLED display screen , 3H hardness + UV treatment scratch, no backlight is clearly visible, wide viewing angle, the reaction speed;

Purchase reason nine: Long life capacity , Life 360 ​​hours, charging once can be used for 15 days;

A6 use the scene

First, the health patron saint

1, Heart rate monitoring: Dynamic / static heart rate monitoring, peak forging / heart and lung forging chain / fat forging chain scientific division;

2, Sleep Detection: Intelligent detection of deep sleep, light sleep, sober, active four states, to understand the sleep state;

3, Movement analysis: Record your movement distance, calculate your energy consumption, reach your daily fitness program;

4, Sedentary reminder: Office owners guardian, to remind the user after sitting in need to walk around, health every day;

5, Silent alarm clock: Will you wake up from the dream naturally, relaxed and natural, start a new day;

Second, portable fashion artifacts

1, Mobile, social information display: Can look at the phone calls, SMS, WeChat, QQ and other information, important information can not be missed;

2, Planned information is easy to see: Personal data, day, month, year data charts at a glance, business, work arrangements in good order;

Third, wonderful interaction

1, Family, friends circle share: A variety of information and family, friends circle interaction, network sharing;

2, Friends Circle Contest: You can add your family or friends to each other, but also can compete with each other to achieve a healthy life of life;