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Removable Wall Stickers Wallpapers | Animals Paradise | Kids Room Kindergarten Decor Cartoon Warm Bedroom

Removable Wall Stickers Wallpapers | Animals Paradise | Kids Room Kindergarten Decor Cartoon Warm Bedroom
Product code: 48281700030
Unit price 1.57-3.01$
Sold quantity 4841
Available stock 87111

Product parameters:

  • Brand: lilac flowers
  • Wall Stickers Type: Waterproof Wall Stickers
  • Material: PVC
  • Item: DXHY9221
  • Applicable space: children room
  • Color classification: 05 sea land and air scattered 2 to enjoy the 包邮 / this is not to mention buy 3 to send 1 to send 4 automatic reduction / tips do not shoot 10 happy sunflower 08 lovely owl 07 Chinese Pinyin 09 happy partner 99 multiplication table 03 cartoon photos posted 01 animal park 02 cute panda 04 small train
  • Style: simple modern
  • Pattern: Animal
  • Number of Pieces: Other / other
  • Size / processing: large
  • Unit: set
  • Wall Sticker Style: Flat Wall Sticker

Buy 3 get 1 * Event date: September 22, 2015 - January 01, 2021
Single order full 2 pieces, 包邮
(National 包邮, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang)
Single order full 4 pieces, fight 7.5 fold, 包邮
(National 包邮, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang)
Buy 3 get 1 * Note: need to add 4 to the shopping cart, automatically break when the settlement 7.5 fold, shoot 3 pieces of the system can not be identified, will not automatically send one, please pay special attention.

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Buy 3 get 1

note : Needed Shoot 4 pieces , Will automatically reduce the amount of settlement. Only three pieces are not recognized by the system , Is unable to participate in this activity Oh.

Event Description:

: You need to take four to participate in the purchase of 3 to send 1.

: 4 can be the same pattern, it can be a different pattern (Only in this baby within the different styles) Please add to the cart.

: To the settlement, the system will automatically identify to play 7.5 fold, so that is equivalent to buy 3 to send 1.

: 4 or more also enjoy all the same 7.5 fold.

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↓ 01 animal park

↓ 02 cute panda

↓ 03 cartoon photo stickers

↓ 04 small train

↓ 05 sea and air

↓ 06 nine multiplication table

↓ 07 Chinese Pinyin

↓ 08 cute owl

↓ 09 happy partner height stickers

↓ 10 happy sunflower

Product Size : Please refer to the effect picture for detailed size

product material : PVC

Product Features:
PVC translucent material, can be attached to any background of the wall (recommended light-colored walls), tiles, glass, furniture and other smooth material surface

The end of the plastic can be removable plastic, removable can be removed, posted the wrong position or when the next time to tear off to remove, will not be residual plastic stains will not be affected by the affected surface, pro who later removed wall stickers , Do not pull hard, can be stripped slowly, the other can not be removed for all the walls can be, if The wall under the embryo is not done, can not grasp the paint; wall paint is not completely dry; paint decoration when mixed with dust impurities, these walls removed if the wall paint will cause defects, it is recommended to use a hair dryer heating After removal)

The product is not hollow Oh, a transparent film base, No need to transfer film, you can paste directly

Use reference:
Make sure that the surface to be painted is a smooth surface Convex and wrinkled parts do not paste (Note: wallpaper is the surface of the paper products will have the impact of the product will be sticky, it is recommended to use a transparent plastic to try the viscosity, and then select ~)
⑵. Select the location of the paste, clean up the veneer of the dust and grease, to ensure that The surface is dry and tidy.

Paste order to do simple planning , Of course, in accordance with their own ideas for DIY.
⑷. Stick the paper gently with the end of paper stripped directly paste, No transfer film , Paste the middle of the first paste and then to the left and right paving.