Women's long section of knee-length thick black extension of 2016 Europe and the United States high-grade warm loose loose code

Women's long section of knee-length thick black extension of 2016 Europe and the United States high-grade warm loose loose code

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Filling volume: 300g and above
  • Cashmere amount: 90%
  • Brand: WSDE
  • Item No: D863W
  • Clothing version type: Straight
  • Thickness: Thicker
  • Style: Street
  • Street: Europe and the United States
  • Length: long section
  • Sleeve: long sleeves
  • Collar: collar
  • Sleeve type: conventional
  • Clothing placket: zipper
  • pattern: plain
  • Filling: white goose down
  • Listed Year Season: Winter 2016
  • Color Classification: Upgraded version of goose hairless night red lips (goose down) black classic hairless (goose down) upgraded version of the hair raincoat collar raincoat hair upgraded version installed black fur raccoon hair upgraded version installed hair collar brown Raccoon hair upgrade version installed hair collar light blue raccoon hair upgrade version installed hair collar white Maojian raccoon hair upgraded version installed hair collar white brown raccoon hair classic version installed hair collar raccoon hair classic version installed Big hair collar brown raccoon hair classic version fitted wool collar black raccoon hair classic version fitted wool collar light blue raccoon hair classic version of the hair collar white Mao Jian raccoon hair classic version fitted wool collar white brown raccoon hair
  • Size: XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL

Only more than 100 pieces, Want to purchase as soon as possible, do not add a single.

Like the pro immediately shot, miss regret!

Choose the national standard 90% white goose down, bid farewell to the heavy smell of duck down


More duck down, goose down instructions, are from Baidu Encyclopedia.

Recommended reason for the pro:

Black straight version of the classic wild type, suitable for most people

Knee long paragraph, with boots, Europe and the United States full range

Exquisite details show exquisite quality

Extended thicker version type: 90% white goose down , 300g and above the amount of cashmere , Thermal performance is very good

Hair collar and down love: Optional large wool collar, fashion luxury, cold heating, with the idea of ​​how to match

Exquisite YKK Zipper: Metal texture, smooth and durable; Two-way design, to solve the long section of the problem of mobility problems

Windproof Thread Sleeve: The appearance of simple and generous, the internal heat and wind

Symmetrical side air pocket design: Practical and warm, even the wrist can not catch cold

Black Classic: Classic wild black, mysterious content, visual self-cultivation can not stop the charm

Black Upgrade: Classic version of the upgraded version, coupled with placket and split on both sides, both warm and practical

Flaming Lips: Classic black and flames lips of the collision, yet unassuming personality assertive

Long down jacket in the end is a good nylon,

Polyester fiber is good?

To Dear Buyers:

Many buyers reflect : Some stores are made of nylon fabric down jacket, feel very comfortable, and asked how our family do not have? Pro, our family is done by the quality of products, we will certainly have good fabric, but the nylon is really not for us Home long down jacket. nylon Fabric (ie Nylon ) It's thinner, softer, and it feels really comfortable Nylon fabric easy to scratch it! Branches, trinkets and other sharp objects a scratch on the broken, will seriously affect the service life , Retention is also poor . In conclusion, Nylon fabric is not suitable for too long down jacket, only for a short section of the down jacket. Imagine wearing a down jacket you play outside, scraping branches, or laundry with a brush when the brush, and then 'thorn friends' soon as broken, and how embarrassing!

Even some buyers hope that we can use the Japanese imports of nylon fabric to do a long down jacket, that the price of imported fabrics in Japan is high, is imported, the quality is guaranteed, but the price is high, the import of certain things okay? Is the import of nylon fabric can not change the fact that nylon fabric is easy to scratch.

Some businesses holding the banner of Japanese imports to belittle the domestic fabric and even the whole industry, vicious misleading buyers, making individual buyers blindly worship the Japanese imports. but We all Know that China has to 'Made in China' famous, how many things are processed from China in a circle around the outside after the import into the 'luxury', not to mention the technology has been very mature, almost no technical barriers to the fabric Processing industry, So the fabric is not made worse than imported fabrics.

So why is Japan's imported fabrics particularly expensive?

Japan's land area is small, fewer resources and strictly limit the fabric processing workshop this high-polluting industries, Japan's fabric processing plant less pitiful Japanese imported fabric is in fact the Japanese businessmen from around the world after the processing plant imports and then exported to our country , & Lt; The middle to go through two tariffs, many transportation, the price of course, but the factory to a lot of quality is really difficult to ensure that in recent years have detected the problem of excessive formaldehyde fabric in Japan, it is worrying!

In fact long down jacket must use thicker fabric to do, so down jacket is firm, do not run down, long life. Pro , We are really worried that the pro who spent a lot of money, but can not buy a quality and quantity, long life of the down jacket.

Parents are aware that our down jackets are made of high-density 100% polyester fiber, but what is polyester fiber? We come to tell you about:

Polyester fiber is often said that polyester polyester fabric is used in daily life, a lot of clothing fabric, suitable for jacket clothing. Polyester Durable and not fade, the upper body has a sense of Tingguo, feel quite flat, good elasticity. In addition the fabric relative to the strength of nylon is high, is not easy to cut through, Thick, impact resistance, heat resistance, decay resistance, borers, made of polyester fiber down jacket service life is longer than nylon is more suitable for long section down jacket.

Why do we use polyester fiber to do long down jacket, why the market most of the long down jacket is mostly polyester fabric, which is the market survival of the fittest, long-term test results.Nylon shortcomings make it very applicable In the long down jacket.

We always adhere to quality-oriented, high-quality, the value of the product to bring you, rather than flashy products.