Karee KARRY M.X electronic cigarette set smoke cigarette smoke cigarette smoke cigarette smoke quit

Karee KARRY M.X electronic cigarette set smoke cigarette smoke cigarette smoke cigarette smoke quit

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: KAREE / Karel
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Body color: silver black
  • Item No .: KAREE Mechanical Smoke M.X

Smoke Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can your product quit smoking?

A: pro, Hello, Karel electronic cigarette is a good substitute for products, can play a very good role in supporting smoking cessation. The use of the principle of the internationally recognized nicotine replacement therapy, free of tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful Ingredients, is a healthy alternative, assisted smoking cessation products, electronic cigarette in the process of smoking cessation, more is to help you quit smoking, your personal willpower is equally important.

Q: How is this electronic cigarette used?

A: pro, hello, this directly to the tobacco rod and cigarette holder on the knob can be used directly on Kazakhstan, tobacco rod power, and in the cigarette inside the charge on it Oh, cigarette holder of liquid smoke, and continue to add smoke liquid It can be Kazakhstan, cigarette holder to add the use of smoke solution, in the cigarette holder outside the box on the back of a detailed description of ~

Q: How long does your e-cigarette package last?

A: pro, Hello, our electronic cigarette is divided into cigarette rod and cigarette holder (atomizer), tobacco rod can be recharged long-term use, atomizer and cigarette holder is an integrated design, a cigarette holder can add smoke liquid 5-7 times, each time to add full, you can smoke around 100. Specific use of time and personal use is related to it.

Q: How long can a bottle of oil smoke?

A: pro, hello, kalui Er electronic cigarette oil bottle is equivalent to the traditional 5 packets of the amount of Oh, if you are the amount of 1 package a day, that bottle of liquid smoke can be used for about 5 days.

Q: Smoke liquid (smoke oil) is the composition of what?

A: pro, hello, smoke liquid main components are: plant glycerol, propylene glycol, vanilla extract, linalool, nicotine (depending on the concentration of liquid smoke), Karel smoke liquid GMP food hygiene and safety certification, smoke Liquid contains nicotine substitutes, but does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, acrolein, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful ingredients on the human body, is a healthy alternative, transition, auxiliary smoking cessation products.

Q: E-cigarette taste and taste really is the same? Difference between?

A: The smoke taste of electronic cigarette smoke simulation tastes, without the traditional tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful ingredients, there are essentially different, so there will be some differences in taste, under normal circumstances, the initial use of customers in the use of a Time to adapt!