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Phone fill light self-timer beauty light fill light artifact external universal night shooting camera lens LED flash

Phone fill light self-timer beauty light fill light artifact external universal night shooting camera lens LED flash
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: xihama
  • Model: Mobile fill light
  • Color classification: cool black lazy mobile phone stand classic white lazy mobile phone stent elegant powder lazy mobile phone stent elegant powder with telescopic data line classic white with telescopic data cable cool black with telescopic data line classic white single product elegant powder Single product cool black single product

Portable multi-function mini-flash built-in 16Gold led light bulb
You can use the free app Iblazr versus IOS , Android with WP8Such as smart phones and tablet PCs for simultaneous connection.
Can take pictures in the absence of light, the effect is outstanding.
Is the best self-timer accessories.
provide 3Lighting mode with different scene requirements.
Built-in rechargeable battery, do not consume the phone power. Charging light when the light, about 1 hour full power indicator light off.
With photos /Video mode.

• Flash brightness adjustment, you can choose high, medium and low three modes.

• Support all 3.5MM headphone jacks and tablet PCs, etc., need to fill the light is the manual start switch to ON can be.

Fill light can be used as an independent light source for auxiliary lights (no need to connect to a smart phone or other equipment), you can also download the IBlazr application software to synchronize flash.

IBlazr WP8 system download address (free): http://www.windowsphone.com/zh-cn/store/app/iblazr-beta/d4e1dbc4-faf8-4f3b-bea0-4027d2e03cf2

IBlazr Andrews system download address (free): http://apk.hiapk.com/search?key=IBlazr&pid=0

IBlazr IOS system download address (free): Http://ios.25pp.com/app/1215149/

Pro, the above Web site belongs to the computer side to download the address.Mobile phone can use 91 assistant, if the mobile phone blind users, see the game can find a technical help.

Apple users pay special attention: If you need to synchronize the flash Please first download the installation software to determine whether the installation of free version, IBLAZR Free version in the US application store, jailbreak phone available PP Helper download APP You can only use the manual fill function.

IBlazr Software compatibility:

Apply to IPhone , IPad , IPod The operation IOS 7, 8Version, applicable to Android Smart phones and tablets running on the tablet 4.0Or later, apply to WP 8.0Or later IBlazr And this product has nothing to do, need to phone headset volume is large enough, do not support the phone can also use the manual function)