Phone fill light camera self artifact beauty lights fill light shooting night like common external lens LED flash

Phone fill light camera self artifact beauty lights fill light shooting night like common external lens LED flash

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: xihama
  • Model: phone lights up
  • Color classification: cool black-containing cell phone holder lazy lazy phone holder containing white classic elegant powder containing powder containing lazy phone holder elegant white mini classic self-timer lever Self-contained mini-bar cool black mini-containing self-timer lever classic elegant white single product powder cool black single product single product

Product Features:

Built-in flash mini portable multifunction 16Gold led light bulb

You can use the free app iblazr versus iOS , Android and WP8And other smart phones and tablet synchronization connection.

Can take pictures in low light conditions, the effect is outstanding.

Self is the best accessories.

provide 3Species potent lighting modes with different scenarios demand.

Built-in rechargeable battery, the phone does not consume power when the charging light lights up, about 1 hour full power indicator light turns off.

Photo provided /Movie mode.

• The flash brightness adjustment, selectable high, medium and low three modes.

• Support for all 3.5MM earphone port phones and tablet computers, will need to fill just can manually start switch to ON.

Fill light illumination can be used independently as assist lamp (without connecting to a smartphone or other device), you can also download the application software for synchronizing IBlazr lead flashing.

IBlazr WP8 System Download (free):

IBlazr Android Download (free):

IBlazr IOS System Download (free):

Parents who belong to the above URL address download computer terminal. You can use the phone 91 assistant download Apple App Store search, if it is blind mobile phone users, can find a technical meeting to see men help out.

Apple users pay particular attention to: If you need to sync flash please download and install software to determine whether to install the free version, IBLAZR Free in the US App Store, jailbreak the phone in PP Helpers download does not install APP You can only use the manual fill light function.

IBlazr Software Compatibility:

Apply iPhone , iPad , iPod Run iOS 7, 8Version for Android Run on smart phones and tablets 4.0Or later for WP 8.0Or later. (Support IBlazr Has nothing to do with the product, you need to phone headset volume is large enough, are not supported by mobile phones can also use manual function)