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Chinese New Year blessing word paste New Year festive decorating paper wedding stickers Wedding hi word static paste window grill a package price

Product code: -48241200030
Unit price 1.09$
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: 1000 odd Square
  • Item: qqf118-1
  • Size: static window grille (medium / 1 package of about 18-20 sheets)
  • Color Classification: New Year static window grille random paragraph (a package of prices) 12 Zodiac (a package of price) peace (a package of price) bamboo safe (a package price)) Wangcai (a package price) (A package of prices) Good luck (a package of prices) 6 fish (a package of prices) Congratulations to make a fortune (a package of prices) Lucky treasure (a package of prices) Five blessing H16-20 (A package of price) blessing to my house H16-15 (a package price) family portrait H16-18 (a package of price) bamboo safe H16-13 (a package) 12 Zodiac H16-19 (a package price)
  • Window cut paper type: stickers
  • Material: PVC


Window grilles because each pack of about 18-20 sheets, the warehouse in order to facilitate the shipment, a pack of a style shipped Oh.

Product Features:

New Year's paste window grill is a traditional custom in China, from the beginning of the paper to the window grilles stickers, until now the electrostatic paste, are to celebrate auspicious, easy to paste the theme. And other characteristics, widely loved by customers.

Principle: the film printed on the pattern to the principle of electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the object can be adsorbed on the wall, glass, wood and metal

Advantages: This product without adhesive, no adhesive, gently placed on the surface you want to decorate, hand can be smooth (also stick a small amount of water)

(Static window grilles paste the pattern is not hollowed out oh)