Parts of 8 packs | Cool wash Remover soft easy to use facial beauty wash flapping

Parts of 8 packs | Cool wash Remover soft easy to use facial beauty wash flapping

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: cool beauty wash flapping
  • Color category: real basic colors
  • Beauty Tools category: facial beauty toiletries
  • Beauty Tools category: other
  • Beauty tools: other/other
  • Brand: cool products
  • Makeup/beauty tool products: beauty face flapping
  • Specifications type: normal
  • Function:/other
  • For skin: mixed skin
  • Origin: China

Most parts of 8 packets of mail (package order two washing flapping) 3.50 Is the price of a bag of washing flapping

8 most e-mail (Xinjiang, Tibet is not within the email, and

Nondescript animals Postal packets)!

Cool beauty wash flapping P8022

(Colors shipped randomly)

Seaweed cleansing wash King-bashing (Oval)

Specifications: Length 11.00cm width 9.00cm thickness 1.2 cm (About size, batch errors, mind, carefully enough)

Absorbent, easy to handle, easy to wash, can completely replace the towels, comfortable, completely shallow skin and pores of dirt and oil, leaving skin clean and smooth.
Help dead skin fall off, promotes blood circulation, will reach in appropriate friction massage, make you feel fresh and springy.

Water pinch dried after use, erect and ventilated place, but completely dry and hardened
Wash Remover the best choice! Trusted friends

Method of use:

1, the sponge thoroughly soaked with water before use.

2, squeezing the right amount on the cleanser to the sponge, add water rubbed bubbly bubble.

3, a ' round ' way to gently wipe face and wash thoroughly with water bubbles to clear black top.

After using the skin fresh and clean, and keep your skin fresh and clean, make your every pore permeability