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Beitou Carlo | Music Watch TV Millet TV Andrews Mobile Phone Box Grape Game Room USB Wireless Game Handle

Beitou Carlo | Music Watch TV Millet TV Andrews Mobile Phone Box Grape Game Room USB Wireless Game Handle
Product code: 48203300030
Unit price 15.87-17.47$
Sold quantity 1341
Available stock 208

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: BETOP / BTP-2171S
  • Brand: BETOP / North pass
  • North through the handle: BTP-2171S
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Suitable for: android platform
  • Color classification: white players version of the big adventure customized version of the brave
  • Handle features: no vibration
  • Interface type: USB

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Hong Kong, Macao and overseas do not ship, please know!

Wireless Distance Question Answer: As the TV USB slot on the back or side of the fuselage, the TV body will block the signal transmission, coupled with the TV speakers have a magnetic field will also interfere with the transmission of the wireless signal, in the case of ample power to maintain the handle, It is recommended to insert a USB in the original USB slot Extension cord to extend the USB wireless receiver to the front of the device.

Handle with TUTBO button (burst function):

Settings: Hold down the TURBO button, and then press an action key, the corresponding action key has burst function. (Due to the official negligence of the North through the white standard version of the word printed TUTBO word FN)

★ Example: Hold down the TURBO button, and then press the 1 key, 1 key to have a burst function. Clear burst: repeat the original steps can be repeated to clear bursts.

Note: grape customized version, white version, white standard version of the three Caro's rocker head, as the official use of rubber material, the product is white with a little yellow factory, not used or quality reasons, please know.

Andrews equipment questions and answers: Andrews above 4.0 system and at least one USB slot (such as Andrews mobile phone, OTG function and support OTG data line), with the above conditions are only the most basic conditions, does not mean that you can use. Part of the third-party hardware companies (such as: music as TV) often change or upgrade their own hardware system procedures, resulting in before you can not use the back, this is not we can control, please know.

This product Containing lithium batteries, can not send air, can only take Qiyun (land), please familiar!