Autumn Antelope Wool Scarf Silk Silk Scarf Silk Scarf

Autumn Antelope Wool Scarf Silk Silk Scarf Silk Scarf

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Winter 2015
  • Material: silk
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Applicable season: spring and summer
  • Gender: Female
  • Color classification: silence as fans - gray purple silence as fans - green black silence as fans - orange coffee silent as fans - dark green silence as fans - pink silence as fans - orange silence as fans - red coffee silent as fans - red silent Such as fans - gray silence as fans - blue coffee silent as fans - blue silence, such as fans - purple silence, such as fans - shallow coffee
  • Scarf Brand: antelope good morning
  • Item No .: sj731
  • Style: scarf / scarf
  • Function: Decorative
  • Suitable for: young middle-aged
  • Style: national wind
  • Clothing style details: embroidery
  • pattern: plain
  • Ingredient Content: 31% (including) -50% (inclusive)

fabric composition: Silk + wool
Process: Embroidery |
Counter price: --
Product Number: Sj731
product name: Quiet as fans
Size: 180cm * 85cm (± 5cm)
Weight: 105 g (± 5 g bag-containing)
Packing: Transparent pp bag
Alkaline detergents (such as washing powder, soap, etc.),Not bleach, not exposure, hanging in the shade dry, low-temperature ironing.
Tips: Manual measurement, please consider the error of about 1-5 cm
Feel more astringent, stiff silk +European root yarn Wool, air sense of modeling scarves,
Feel more astringent, stiffness of the silk + wool yarn, air sense of modeling scarf,
Feel more astringent, stiffness of the silk + wool yarn, air sense of modeling scarf,
Well, can not be said in the evaluation of the feel too hard.
And, although we endure, but smooth skin-friendly ~ ~
Silk and wool blend material, feel the silky smooth and wool moist.
Silk with the root of the yarn process, scarf texture fluffy, elegant sense of the air.
Fabric presents a very special feel, this season is worth a try of the new design,
With a sense of style to ensure that the full, instantly and the street on the difference between passers-by A to B ~
Emphasis on the European roots.
Often used as a wedding dress surface of the European root yarn,
There is a certain degree of hardness and fluffy, and a metallic luster, showing a modern charm,
Air modeling is also a synonym for it ~
There are many claims that the material of the European root yarn is actually 'chemical fiber root', touch the skin when there will be tingling,
And such as the European silk root silk, although stiffness, but the silky skin-friendly, no sense of Zha ~
The addition of wool material in fact greatly soften the sense of stiffness of European root yarn, so she was a lot of gentle,
But as the students were tamed children,
Although no longer time to commit 'bear', but the inner stubborn awkward still, these small characters make it special -
The use of a very small minority in the printing Dirty stained water to do the old process,
Dirty dyeing process, the scarf feel soft, color also adds retro little temperament ~

In the European roots yarn embroidery machine embroidery, a simple pattern is not too exaggerated, but yet gentle,
Giving scarves rich temperament.
In short, you should fall in love with such a different ~

Silent as fan - Orange

Silent as fans - gray purple

Silent as fans - gray

Silent as fans - red

Silent as fans - blue coffee

Silent as fans - red coffee

Silent as fans - orange

Silent as fans - blue

Silent as fans - purple

Silent as fans - green black

Silent as fans - orange coffee

Silent as fans - dark green

Silent as fans - pink powder

Silent as fans - gray and purple

Quiet as fans - shallow coffee