Chick G3 gamepad enhanced version of Apple's wireless Bluetooth Android IOS hand travel CF simulator king of glory

Chick G3 gamepad enhanced version of Apple's wireless Bluetooth Android IOS hand travel CF simulator king of glory

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: GameSir G3
  • Brand: GameSir
  • Model: G3
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Applicable: android platform
  • Color Classification: G3 G3 Deluxe Edition Package Enhanced Edition Package G3 Colorful Colorful Music Edition + heart bracelet Colorful Edition Kit + charge treasure G3 G3 Edition Standard Edition Standard package + bracket G3 Plus + bracket Standard Edition Enhanced
  • Handle features: shock
  • Interface Type: Other

Good news! CF handle war is on!

Chick handle has been Tencent official authorization, support CF shootout king, Free Root, free maps, a key directly connected, anytime, anywhere with the group Friends of the Battle!

Chick simulator, stand-alone game camp, containing tens of thousands of large-scale stand-alone game section, the same Free Root, free maps, that that is not even playing!

Chick handle support Apple, Android phones free jailbreak, Play Free Root glory of the King, all the people over God, balls and other mainstream big hand combat tour!

Apple / Android / PC / PS3 / Smart TV * box perfectly compatible chick in hand, worry-free game!

King of glory (cloud adaptation Edition) It has officially supported the chick handle Free Root, free maps, welcome to the L Friends download!

G3 + Yu Bo Colorful Edition 10,000 mA charging treasure (Charging treasure blue and white, the pro who needs what color single notes, no notes random hair Oh! )

Our factory is a province on behalf of the chick, chick handle the sale of licensed goods are original positive, please reassure parents buy!

Default courier hair tact, less hair postal areas (remote areas need to make up freight), you need to send good luck can contact customer service make up the difference or made to pay, orders can be issued the same day the day before five thirty.

OUR support seven days no reason to return, where the packaging intact, can be returned within seal standard finish is good, complete accessories seven days, so I want to try pro after receipt of the goods must be carefully opened Oh!

Our customer service working hours are from 8:00 to 24:00 am, if pro Advisory Service on chick handle problems at other times no timely reply, please parents who understand, will be the first time to go to work after the customer replies to you pro!