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Video capture card | monitoring acquisition card | drive-free | support WIN8 64-bit

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: yingsj / British as the Jie
  • Model: YS-1020
  • Number of circuits: 1 channel
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door

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product name: Free drive Easy way to capture card EasyCAP USB video capture card surveillance video capture card

No need to drive CD-ROM drive now, plug and play!

product description;
Easy Cap's main function is to TV, DVD, camera and other equipment, audio and video capture to your computer, you can copy and edit on the computer and other operations, you can also connect the camera to do home monitoring.

New USB2.0 interface, external video capture device, the decoder chip can make images more clear picture more fluid
Support for Windows XP / WIN 7 32/64 bit / WIN8 32 bit
Support NTSC / PAL standard
Provide video playback, compact size of about 30 grams

First, the technical parameters:
USB2.0 interface, 480M broadband
High-definition, image dynamic and static acquisition
The image resolution is 640 * 480
For PC and notebook computers
Support for external video analog signals
External dimensions (l) 88mm * (w) 28mm * (h) 18mm
USB interface video capture device
Can be video recorder camera medical instrument signal input computer
Support a variety of file formats: AVI MPEG-1/2/4 JPG BMP and so on
Plug and play, no shutdown, no installation