Satin Sponge | Foundation Sponge | Egg Sponges

Satin Sponge | Foundation Sponge | Egg Sponges

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: gourd sponge egg sponge
  • Beauty Tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: Makeup Puff
  • Beauty Tools Variety: makeup sponge
  • Brand: Natural Maker
  • Make-up / beauty tools a single product: small egg sponge
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Effect: other / other
  • made in China

Name ': Natural Maker new trumpet gourd sponge sponge egg sponge sponge water droplets

Material ': Non-latex cotton

specification ': About 5 * 3.5cm

package ': Each individually placed in a net bag (easy to dry, keep clean)

'Introduction to use':

Step1 preparation - the entire US egg wetting, and then dry towel to dry the water, so that the United States and 8 hours of eggs appear dry state.
Step2 primer - the use of any angle to the United States and eggs to seal the way to create a seal seal fills a perfectly clear looking finish.
Step3 Concealer - tip pick, focus on modification, do not pull to avoid fine lines.
Step4 eye shadow - crush the tip to draw the natural deep eye effect.
Step5 light - the use of three-dimensional side, touching the powder to play a high nose bridge.
Step6 blush - beautiful round bottom of the egg color easily. Cream → natural silty → soft
Step7 repair capacity - the use of three-dimensional side, can immediately replace the repair capacity of the convenience of brush.
Step8 Dingzhuang - any angle, whether it is compressed or loose-shaped powder, can easily pick up, lasting makeup.
Egg sponge need to use each time before the wet water and then pinch to Bacheng dry reuse, and each time after exhaustion into the

Line clean