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US - free smart water - free installation home m2 drinking water dispenser WIFI remote control RO reverse osmosis

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Midea / Midea JR1550T-RO
  • Water Purifier Brand: Midea / Midea
  • Model: JR1550T-RO
  • Category: water purifier
  • Intelligence Type: Other
  • Wading approval document number: S2257
  • Item No .: JR1550T-RO
  • Color Category: White
  • Rated out of water: 11.4L / h
  • How it works: Reverse osmosis
  • Filter: Activated carbon + ultrafiltration PPF cotton RO membrane
  • Use Location: terminal water purification
  • Efficacy: straight drink

This smart water purifier for the WeChat version, pre-Ali version is not in the sale of payment has dissenting customers can contact customer service for a refund, the reasons for (Multi-shot / shoot wrong / do not want to)