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Pregnant women's underwear U-shaped cotton underwear code Skeleton shorts high waist low waist 6/4 spring and winter

Pregnant women
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ENJOY PREG / enjoy pregnancy
  • Model: 020-091-092-089
  • (Low waist triangle - in addition to lace color black one each 6 (low waist triangle - in addition to the color black each a 6 (low waist triangle (low waist triangle - in addition to black and white each a 6 - In addition to a white lace color of a four-loaded (low-waist-angle Fenhuang yellow blue 4 installed (triangular bow Fencai + green color + apricot color + gray 4 installed (low waist angle black and green 4 High waist adjustable yellow-blue skin powder 4 (high waist adjustable blue-green skin white random 4 different colors (high waist adjustable) 4 installed (in the waist yellow yellow blue powder 4 fitted (in the waist yellow green powder 4 loading (High waist 2 + mid-waist 2 random 5 different colors (- in the waist 2 + low-waist triangle 3 random 5 (high waist white powder + blue color + gray + apricot color random 4 different colors (- low waist angle 2 + low waist triangle 3 random 5 different colors (- high waist 2 + low waist triangle 3
  • Size: M XL XL XXL F

Special Note: The activities with the low-rise letters in the paragraph for the enjoyment of pregnant brands, other models have Zitong brand, enjoy the brand of pregnancy, random delivery, can not choose, with a manufacturer, with a cloth cutting, fabric, The same color, different styles, pro who press favorite choice are authorized brand shop.

.XXXL arrival, because the system does not XXXL option, so the need to pro-XXXL please shoot directly F, shoot F on behalf of XXXL Oh!

Note that the black because it is dark, so in the previous wash will inevitably have floating color fade like, mind carefully shot black Oh, the depth of color to be washed separately Oh!

Underwear is personal privacy products, it can not be returned, no one wants to receive someone else to return to the underwear, and pregnant mother's situation is more special, a person's health two people, so underwear out of the warehouse will not go. Representatives have seen this agreement!