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Schneider AC contactor 12A LC1E1210M5N Q5N F5N AC110V 220V 380V

Schneider AC contactor 12A LC1E1210M5N Q5N F5N AC110V 220V 380V
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Schneider Electric / Schneider
  • Model: 12A contactor

Please note before buying

Voltage: 110V 220V 380V 3 optional

Pro-photographed, please be sure to specify the required voltage and specifications, or contact customer service.

Acquiescence photographed hair LC1E1210M5N

Commodity coding commodity price promotional price product details contact form

LC1E1201F5N 78 46.02 AC110V Normally closed type

LC1E1201M5N 98 46.02 AC220V normally closed type

LC1E1210M5N 98 46.02 AC220V normally open type

LC1E1201Q5N 98 46.02 AC220V normally closed type

Schneider (Shanghai) Schneider contactor type intermediate relay , If the technical issues can be consulted customer service, or Call Schneider Technical Hotline : 4008101315 (including Schneider crackdown)!

This product is more professional, please customers cautious to buy. Such as do not understand Selection, Use, customer service can be consulted. Installed or man-made damage to the product, will not return, thank you understand.

Original Schneider Schneider limit switch limit switch, specific technical problems, please call Schneider Technology Hotline: 4008101315 (including Schneider crackdown) Please do not know how to use, selection of our products carefully bought, installed or lead to damage to our products irresponsible.