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Germany Knight ® Universal Wrench | Multifunctional Universal Pipe Wrench Wrench Quick Wrench Set

Product code: -47901100030
Unit price 3.82-4.78$
Sold quantity 24000
Available stock 5342
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Brand: US Knight
  • Model: wnbs
  • Color classification: 9-22mm holding green white single wrench 23-32mm holding green white single large wrench 2 sets of green white wrench recommended to send two sets of universal wrench = N to the ordinary wrench, shoot this default green and white 2 Pieces of black anti-rust high-grade pieces of 2 sets
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Standard: Metric

New upgrade, smooth and delicate surface, strong texture, durable and difficult to rust, home helper!

'Please look for Day cat shop The United States Knight genuine, dare to promise: 6 months with a bad new wrench '

US Knight: with conscience to do the brand, with intimate service, dedicated to provide a satisfactory brand experience!