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SHANGKE Wigs | SMD Nano Hairless Hair Hair | Real Hair Wigs

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: shang ke
  • Wigs single product: Seamless access hair piece combination
  • (20 pieces) Original Health 4cm wide 30cm long healthy black (20 piece) original hair 4cm wide and 40cm long health black (20 pieces) original Health 2cm wide 40cm long health black (20pcs) Original Hair 4cm Wide 50cm Long Healthy Black (20pcs) Original Hair 4cm Wide 60cm Long Healthy Black (20pcs) Protozoan 4cm Wide 70cm Long Healthy Black (20pcs) Original Hair 4cm Wide 80cm Long Healthy Black (20pcs)
  • Hair material: real hair

This product has a flat plastic head and petal plastic head 50-60-70-80cm length of the petal head only hair! 30-40cm random hair! Pro If there is demand can be directly linked to customer service notes or your own message when the next single Tell us if you want to petal head or flat head Oh!

Receiving recommendations: then the whole head needs 4cm wide 80-100 pieces of 2cm wide 160-200 pieces