Cheap MUXINCAMP outdoor riding scarf | Variety Magic scarf | headgear for men and women in camouflage sunscreen fly towel

Cheap MUXINCAMP outdoor riding scarf | Variety Magic scarf | headgear for men and women in camouflage sunscreen fly towel

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: MUXINCAMP multifunctional scarf Variety ...
  • Brand: MUXIN CAMP
  • Product Number: MXM-102
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 10
  • To apply a gender: unisex
  • Color Classification: Blue No. 1 magnificent bubble # 36 Orange No. 3 classic black and blue flame on the 5th Tibetan culture Polar Challenge jungle camouflage graffiti Water World # 16 17 # 09 # blue flame Che Guevara English Orange 11 # 26 # Witherbark bicycle lovers 7 flower vine color desert camouflage dark gray riding 27 # 20 # 12 yellow star A1 # # colorful movement
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Climbing beach tourism
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Size: circumference of about 48CM, long 50CM

Magic scarf wicking fibers compared with other fibers, has its unique properties, it's good moisture absorption, excellent quick-drying good, breathable performance good dyeing properties, dye applicability, easy to color, color fastness in the above level 3.5, using the process will not fade after repeated still maintain bright colors after washing. shaped cross section structure and special processing methods wicking fibers so that the fibers fluffy breathable. quickly release the skin moisture. not make people feel boring small wicking fiber processing products and skin contact area, even after the sweat, it will not feel sticky because cotton fibers have swollen.

In product design utilizing capillary wicking fiber surface micro-grooves produced. Sweat can quickly migrate to the surface of the knitted fabric and divergent purposes wicking quick-drying. Utilizing wicking fibers excellent performance , to develop a multi-layer structure of knitted products. close to the skin side with crude fiber to form a coarse mesh. configure the outer fine mesh of fine fibers, the use of this structure, sweat and moisture can quickly discharged, improve product comfort.

"name"Variety seamless magic scarf multifunctional scarf

"Material"100% polyester microfiber elastic

"specification"Weeks is about 48CM, long 50CM (+/- 2CM)

"use"Mountaineering Trekking Leisure


Seamless scarf is now popular fashion and practical outdoor headgear equipment. Dozen personalized method of wearing a tie multiplied dozens of colors, to bring you brilliant fashion personality show.

Demonstrate the use of video (Please copy the link into the address bar to open)

1, at least ten or more different Zafar, transform different effects it can be used as scarves, scarves, headbands, sand cover, no eaves round hat, hood, wrist, wrapped chest ...... suitable for running, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, tennis, motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles and other outdoor sports (please enjoy the imagination, only think, not impossible) attached to the bag using the method described
2, the unique seamless design and production process, so that the product is no annoying seams and hem, better flexibility.
3, using a special high-performance 100% polyester micro fiber: windproof, breathable, absorbent, quick-drying, soft.
4, good moisture absorption function experiencing water droplets immediately penetration, which can effectively absorb sweat, to dry and comfortable results.
5, machine washable, do not fade, free ironing.
6, adult paragraph: single code, suitable for most adults.

※ wear explain ※

Let 'head' start to see what kind of scarf can conjure magic in our bodies to ......

1, the most primitive practices scarf, set in the head can be. Hanging back part can also tie a knot.

2, turban - you can also like Islamic women as head letting up, feel mysterious.

3, skullcap - the scarf over and bang at the sleeves and the more part straighten the ear, several turns, open, wrapped in the head quite like it ^^ landlord Lao Cai winter is very warm. Oh.

4, headbands - the headscarf folded double, set in the head, the hair can be pulled out of the width of the headband can be adjusted.

5, Tousheng - a circle with a scarf around her hair tied up, so long ponytail will this oh.

6, pirate hat - folded, pulls out, it seems that some complex operations after you as handsome and Pirates of the Caribbean

7, the windshield - the whole face with a scarf wrapped from head to reveal only one eye, breathable and wind and sand, desert, windy days or resort with very effective.

8, helmets - lined riding or when climbing, wear a helmet Tanghan be a bad feeling, a scarf tied in the head as inner liner, all the troubles are solved

9, goggles - unless you are alone in the world, regardless of distance to travel otherwise, always in groups of three, two people share a standard room is the most common thing.

If you're used to going to bed early, but also embarrassed to claim an absolute night owl roommate lights. Tied her scarf around the eyes, it became a temporary goggles also come in great handy.

10, collar - set in the neck, you're done looks cool, but also snow filling does not come it beautiful ice-free people...

11, a mask - on the basis of the collar, the scarf can be pulled under the eyes, ears wrap, and warm

12, wrist - it twice around the wrist three times, scarf then serves as a buffer and then can not find any particular wrist effect when the second hand.

Hand wrist wrapped turban chic rub in the face, sweat running all been sucked.

13, strap - like play personality hotties note, this is a way to attract attention is like oh.

They will represent their own personality scarf wrapped around the arm, full sense of style, and does not affect the movement.

14, Bra - Needless to say this matter, the body good MM can use it as a vest to wear, very flexible pattern of bright, absolutely sexy funny boys certainly want to wear, they will 'laughed fruit' full.

15, waist - pain caused by sudden exposure to cold old waist, jacket with a scarf around the waist to keep warm is a good expedient, it can also be based on the degree of filling them warm socks ah filler paper towels.

This law also applies to all joints easily catch cold.

16, skirt - this method it is expedient, she is not good but it was again Convicted on two sets of upper and lower respectively scarf used as a swimsuit, it seems the effect also can be oh.

17, gloves for supplies - to walk in the mud or dense mountains, often need hands and feet to climb palm old dirty or intimate contact with the insects are not very good taste will scarf wrist.

Pulled down around the palm of your hand in a circle, after a perfect wrap, dry and comfortable feeling very good blanket.

18, packing bags - plastic bags filled with enough time to knot a scarf, a nice cloth bag came out, and the retractable pocket, you can fill plug crazy things Oh.

Entered, and stuffed the clothes, the other end of the knot, is also a very good pillow, oh.

Please note:

The advantage of this scarf is seamless, elastic - - no scarf two selvedge, will naturally curling after distraction, which is characteristic of the product itself, even if the price of imported 1-200 yuan buff scarf is the same situation, Please do not mistake it for defects in the process; perhaps there are differences in fabric softness, elasticity between different scarf, which is due to the different colors or different batches and is not a quality problem, please buyers understand.