Long Feng code skates adult skates adjustable children's full suite skates skates adult men and women skating

Long Feng code skates adult skates adjustable children's full suite skates skates adult men and women skating

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 summer
  • Brand: Long Feng
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Color Classification: black and white shoes, one pair of shoes, one pair of black blue black red shoes one pair of shoes, one pair of pink shoes, black and white + black blue brace brace shoes + Black + red shoes brace brace black and white shoes, pink shoes + + + Protector Backpack black and blue backpack black shoes, red shoes + + + brace brace brace + + + shoes pink backpack backpack full of black and white suit black and red dark blue suit full full full suit pink suit
  • Product Number: LF-907
  • Applicable: Male Female Children
  • Skates Category: casual shoes
  • Skates wheel device: planar
  • Shoes: Classic S (28-33) single flash classic M (34-38) single flash Classic L (39-42) single flash Classic S (28-33) full flash classic M (34-38) full flash Classic L (39-42) full flash strengthen M (34-38) to strengthen the single flash L (39-42) single flash strengthen M (34-38) full flash strengthen L (39-42) full flash large yards (43-46) do not flash large yards round (43-46) full flash wheel

Shoe size is a standard sports shoe size, size can adjust the size of scalable, code selection in accordance with the usual sports shoes to the foot fat proposed election of freshman code!


Simple: The first wheels flash round total of 2!!

Full Flash: Flash 8 wheels are round total of 8!!

Long Feng adjustable size casual skate, adult children are available, suitable for beginners, Brush Street, leisure! Foot brake more convenient! Packages inside the protective gear helmets, M code, L code default hair adult protective gear helmet! S code default hair of children!

1:? If the shoes do not fit the size of quasi-so to do?

A: The size of the table can control the size, the actual measurement prevail after receiving the shoes, please clean place to try on shoes are not appropriate, adjusted to the appropriate size in accordance with the above method, if it is inappropriate, please original! take good care of packaging, do not come down to earth to slip, contact customer service to explain the situation returned (Note: the returned shoes do not come down to earth slide, do not scratch, protect good, thank you)!

Related Material:

Shoes shell: PE.PP impact wheels: PU perfusion round flash

Brake: right foot single brake adjustment: push-button four yards under big adjustment

Packaging: boxed Bearing: ABEC-7 bearings

Shoes:. EVA material mortar network Bumian quality printing leather combination

Bracket: sliced ​​heat treated steel with aluminum frame

other instructions
Use the crowd: Male Female Optional: shoes or a suit
Alias: inline skates roller skates skate shoes, roller skate shoes
Shoe size to buy
Long Feng skate with adjustable functions, and therefore had to buy, he said as long as you can select in the shoes yards; as long as the reference to the usual sports shoes to shoe size.