Lifetrons Portable Charger Digital Color Display Luggage Scale Handheld Luggage Scale Lightweight

Lifetrons Portable Charger Digital Color Display Luggage Scale Handheld Luggage Scale Lightweight

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lifetrons
  • Model: FG-6018N

Rechargeable digital color display baggage scales

It is easy and easy to grasp the baggage weight before boarding Lifetrons , The weight reading is displayed on the scale, and the luggage scale is certified to be able to measure up to a maximum of 20% of the baggage weight. 50kg (110Lb.), the eye-catching display makes it easy to see the readings, and if the luggage is overweight, the indicators on the display will also alert you.

Technical specifications

  • Measurable up to : 50kg /110lb
  • unit :Kg, pounds, oz
  • Global Warranty

1. I choose this product in stock? When can ship?

A: Your choice of goods under normal circumstances can be photographed goods, before 15:00 pm (paid) normal orders, the day before 19:00 can be issued, if special circumstances can not be issued, will promptly notify the buyer to buy Home, the longest time not more than 72 hours of delivery! (Lifetrons Lynx flagship store default courier - SF)

2. How long can I buy the goods after delivery?

A: Most of our goods for electronic products can not take the air, the general land for 3-5 days, remote areas extended 1 day, special circumstances (including all irresistible factors), all our products are used in the transport of high compression Bubble bags, please rest assured!

3. What do I do if I do not ship as promised?

A: This is a delayed delivery, refers to the development, pre-sale or special circumstances such as agreed delivery time of goods, businesses in the buyer payment is not shipped within 72 hours (except for major holiday goods separately) , The merchant shipping time to courier company system records the time, more than 72 hours in accordance with the 'cat' delayed delivery 'provisions, we pay you the amount of 30% of the amount of order (amount not exceeding 500 yuan) as a penalty , The liquidated damages in the form of days to pay the cat points.

4. Is the invoice and goods sent in the same period? If not, how do I track the invoice logistics?

A: In order to delivery efficiency, invoices and merchandise sent separately. Invoice will be shipped within 15 days from the date of re-arrangement (to send the freight borne by us, the default courier - Shentong), reissue invoice number message Want Want For you or you can directly consult online customer service.

5. Goods receipt should pay attention to what matters?

A: Please sign the courier when the buyer must be the face when the courier I sign, such as authorizing others to sign on behalf of, as I sign, if any questions, please personally checkout, and contact online customer service.

6.15 days after the quality of the problem how to deal with?

A: Our product 7 days no reason to return (does not affect the secondary sales or custom products, with details of the day cat and Taobao Mall seven days no reason to return the scope of responsibility), quality problems within 30 days (value-added services, days Cat is 15 days), 1-year international warranty. Such as man-made damage, customers need to take some repair costs. National Customer Service Hotline: 4008 861 810

7. Postage instructions

A: non-merchant liability (non-merchandise quality problems, goods and description of non-compliance) and initiated by the buyer Returns behavior: 1, business products by the two sides bear the shipping freight; 2, non-business 包邮 products, all Postage by the buyer (postage payment to the results of the consultation between the two sides.) As a result of defective goods arising from the return of postage arising from the transaction will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Supplementary Rules.