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License Plate | Tray | License Plate | Wholesale Customized | Stainless Steel | Automotive | License Plate | License Plate
Product code: 47752700030
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Sold quantity 39360
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Carich / Jun Cheng
  • Model: stainless steel universal
  • (2) + screw fixation + installation tools + shock pad (no anti-scratch strip) stainless steel tray thick section (2) + screws + installation tools + shock pad + gift silver Standard stainless steel (2) + screw fixed + installation tools + shock pad + gift black standard stainless steel (2) + screw fixed + installation tools + shock pad + gifts porous thick silver models (2) (2) + screw fixation + installation tools + shock + cushion + Gift Pavolift Black (2 pieces) + screw fixation + installation tools + shock pad + gift upgrade Widening silver (2) + screw + Earthquake cushion + gift
  • Material: stainless steel
  • pattern: plain
  • Services: support the installation

Please look for Jun Cheng / Carich brand

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The following models license section can not be used, please contact customer service consultation can be used to buy

Citroen C4, C5, Elysee, the new Mondeo, CS75, Enke Sela, Mercedes-Benz series, the new Focus, Chun Chun, and so on.

The above models you can take our new:

There is a word to the screw, please leave a message (such as Hangzhou message Zhejiang A) individual city without the letters we send a single word such as black E we send a single word black) no comments we made no words common

Enlarge the original map without any PS · seen both income

Send: a full set of anti-theft security solid stainless steel screws, plus Send 2 groups of 10 groups , just in case

Variety of options

High-tech, ion technology, mirror black, to overcome the technical difficulties of the past, really do not change color

License Plate Selection Jun Cheng 7-year-old shop , Than a ratio of quality service

From the installation of the real shot pictures

Formal brand packaging, received the goods if the deformation or damage please reject all costs we assume

1.Upgrade materials Thickness, do thicker stainless steel plate rack!

2.A variety of practical gifts are presented , Everything you need!

3. With a word fixed with screws, so Traffic control with the configuration!

4.Add a set of stainless steel screws , More advanced installation accessories!

5.Presented freight insurance Xinjiang, Tibet and other remote areas need to make up the freight, has lost money, please understand!

6.Lightning shipped the same day , Real-time warehouse delivery.

Summary of Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Is it true stainless steel? Thicker than the other home is thicker?

answer: stainless steel Fake a penalty ten, life-long warranty, never rust. Thicken the thickness , More solid heavy.

2. Q: 包邮? What courier? How long to? There are no gifts to send?

answer: 包邮 , The default meta pass rhyme postal delivery random hair , Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai 1-2 days, 2-3 days to other regions. Send a variety of gifts , Comprising: Thicker car towel, Shock pad, parking license, the annual standard electrostatic paste, we Supporting stainless steel screw , The traffic management section of the screw nut, see the following page.

3. Q: meet the new cross-regulation it? Will I take my province referred to as screws?

A: According to your address information, we will send you the corresponding province of the screw nut, and traffic control to give you the same screw nut. License plate in 2016 the new Lu white line, in full compliance with the new regulations.

4. Q: Are there any discounts?

A: We are now 0 profit promotion, only for good reputation.Each guest we will send you thicker towels, parking cards, static stickers and other gifts.

As a result of meager profits, remote areas include: Xinjiang, Tibet needs to fill 10 yuan freight shipping, do not fill does not thank the cooperation.

Any questions please contact customer service!