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A5 Coil Notebook Notepad Office Supplies Student Stationery Exercise Cow Leather Book

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Product parameters:

  • Packing: single-loaded
  • Brand: intelligence purchase
  • Model: New Era Set
  • Color Category: rollover yellow rollover red rollover black rollover blue rollover green rollover dark brown on the turn on the red turn on the black turn on the blue turn on the dark brown
  • Format: A5
  • Notepad Category: General Notebook
  • Cover Hardness: soft surface copy
  • Binding method: coil / spiral
  • Cover material: kraft paper
  • Style: creative trends

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Name: New era of the coil

Rollover type A5 specifications -14.2 cm * 20.6 cm

Type: spiral on the flip-type roll

Number of sheets:

Rollover type A5 - Inside page 75 sheets (150 sheets)

Price: 4.8 yuan / this

The following is a roll-type coil in-kind shooting

The following figure from left to right: red yellow dark brown blue