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Flying Star VE1520G enterprise gigabit Internet behavior management VPN speed limit router with machine 150

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: VOLANS / Flying Star VE1520G
  • Brand: VOLANS / flying fish
  • Model: VE1520G
  • Color classification: blue
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Cable router speed: 1000Mbps
  • Cable transmission rate: 10/100 / 1000Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: None
  • Network standards: 802.3u 802.3 802.2
  • Wireless network support Frequency: Not supported
  • Applicable to: broadband VPN router enterprise-class router network security router multi-service router carrier-class high-end router broadband router
  • USB interface quantity: Not supported
  • Whether to support VPN: support
  • Yes No Built-in firewall: Yes
  • WDS support: Not supported
  • WPS: Not supported
  • Removable: None
  • After-sales service: the UNPROFOR
  • Condition: New
  • Gross weight: 4kg

l Standardize online behavior, staff efficiency

based on IP Address Groups and Time Groups are managed by way of Flying with VEF The convergence of traffic trust acceleration technology can effectively reduce the loss of network performance management strategy for the router performance, even if more management functions are enabled, the performance of the router will not be greatly affected.Will not because of the behavior of some employees Management, and affect the other employees a reasonable online experience in accordance with the company system of behavior control at the same time, to ensure the stability of the network smooth.

In the working hours through the Internet behavior management functions for different departments of the staff to develop different levels of competence management strategy.Even without professional network management, but also can prevent the office into a 'Internet cafes ' or 'gaming room ' , Tapping the potential from within the enterprise, a substantial increase in staff efficiency.

Can monitor all users visit the Web site records, but also to prohibit access to the most popular 10Online games, e-shopping, forum blog, securities funds, e-mail and Internet banking, etc. Support the automatic upgrading of the URL category library. With the black and white list and Jump page settings , You can achieve a variety of complex web site management needs.

You can prohibit employees posting in the network forum to prohibit the landing page e-mail to protect the company's internal information will not be leaked.Filter keywords and file name suffix to prevent users from downloading dangerous files to reduce the source of the virus.

Easy to control QQ / MSN /Fetion / SKYPE And other chat tools, and support multiple services QQ Normal use of numbers, so as to meet the normal business development, but also to prevent the use of private employees QQ Huddle.

Can effectively limit BT /Thunder / PPLIVE /Electric donkey and so on P2P Software, block a variety of mainstream stock trading software, both to ensure the normal work of adequate bandwidth, but also allow employees to focus on work, work time without distraction.

l Reasonable allocation of bandwidth, the network card is not dropped

Built-in up-to-date IQos Intelligent flow control technology is in the original Smart QOSII Based on a substantial optimization algorithm, the flow control accuracy to a new height, while greatly reducing the performance of the loss, effectively improve the performance of the equipment.

Only one key to open the router automatically on the depth of the application of various types of perception, classification management, grading, and always let the key business priorities to go channel, the rest of the traffic gave way to ensure that key applications such as: video conferencing, OA System, etc .. At the same time the remaining bandwidth can be assigned to other users or applications (such as file downloads, online video), really less people use more people easy to use!

l Multiple broadband access, increase speed and save money

Up to simultaneous access 2Outside lineADSL , Optical fiber, LAN Etc.), bundled lines to enhance bandwidth, save costs and reduce 'Single-line failure ' Of the risk of built-in Telecom and New Unicom's latest strategy to ensure that the different operators of the data line, so that the network more fluid.Unique multi-line load balancing technology, according to the line bandwidth ratio and bandwidth utilization automatically allocate data flow, Double the bandwidth utilization, allowing you to truly experience the advantages of two-lane.

Each external line can be set independently 3322 / DynDNS /Peanut shells and other dynamic domain names, even if there is no fixed public network IP , Can also easily provide all-weather website services.

l VPN Gateway, data transmission more secure

VE1520G Support standard PPTP VPN as well as IPSEC VPN , Supports point-to-network and network-to-network access, and provides a highly secure encrypted tunneling solution. With a simple configuration, you can easily build secure VPN Connectivity; to meet the cross-border enterprise for data transmission convenience, security and cost requirements.

VE1520G But also with the mainstream VPN Equipment, interoperability, with good compatibility, high security, to meet the headquarters and branch offices, travel personnel, etc. between the security requirements of communication.

l Anti-virus anti-attack, network management peace of mind and effort

Powerful firewall, providing a variety of security ARP Trust Mechanism and Intranet ARP Defensive features combine to eliminate ARP Virus intrusions, to prevent the network dropped calls /External attack defense, to prevent viruses, Trojans and hackers.

Provide intuitive network usage reports, detailed display of each IP The use of the details of each line of traffic conditions, the positioning of network problems is also easy, even without professional network management, your network can easily manage.