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TCL 5 | Battery 10 & 7 Batteries 10 | Carbonized Batteries AAA

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: TCL
  • Model: T5-R6S
  • Battery section: 10 sections
  • Battery specifications: 5

The battery is the latest date of the battery factory is valid until 2018 Please rest assured to buy

Pro, you captured the product will be tcl 5 batteries 10 and 7 batteries 10, a total of 20, the total price is 16 yuan 包邮.

If you need to buy a large number, you can contact customer service, the price can be preferential, or if you only need 5 or 7, please leave a message to us.

Brand: TCL

Model: 5, 7 (leak-proof carbon-type batteries)

TCL 5 and 7 carbon batteries ~ ~ ~ original authentic!

Mercury-free leak-proof carbon battery.

Suitable for watches, MP3 / 4, flashlight, video machines remote control, the

Species Electric toys and so on.

Product Type: 5-R6S-C10 Product Type: 7-R03-C10

Product voltage: AA1.5v Product voltage: AAA1.5v

'Scope' remote control, wall clock, alarm clock, small toys, game console, radio, telephone base, calculator, etc.