Outstanding built-in wireless high-precision obd trip computer detector

Outstanding built-in wireless high-precision obd trip computer detector

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Sensor Location: External
  • Brand: excellent driving
  • Applicable models: applicable to all models
  • Monitor power: external power supply
  • Built-in tire pressure Single product built-in tire pressure Single-product reflective film anti-skid pad Set of built-in tire pressure Single product support set Built-in tire pressure Single product display Mobile phone base set External tire pressure single product 'Apple phone only Near-field connection function 'External tire pressure single product reflective film anti-skid pad suit external tire pressure single product mobile phone bracket set external tire pressure single product head-up display phone base set

Excellent driving tire pressure version of the box is excellent driving independent patent products, has received national patents (patent number 201520276046.6), counterfeiting will study!

If the play shows the rise, it is recommended to buy excellent supporting HUD reflective film, cell phone mat or mobile phone bracket, with the use of better results!

08Years after the models are basically supported, the individual models have questions, please consult the online customer service or check the vehicle model library to confirm.

Excellent driving does not guarantee compatibility with all the car navigation, for some Andrews 4.2 or more, Bluetooth auto search function of the car navigation, excellent driver tire pressure version, advanced version only 2015 support, please consult online customer service support And note the 2015 box.

Buy before you know

1. This section of the box using Bluetooth to connect the phone, do not plug the SIM card, no remote location

2. IPhone4 and previous models can not use this product, iPad2 and iPod touch4 and previous models can not use this product.Android mobile phone basically all compatible, please confirm before buying your phone model.

3.The new Fox, Mondeo winning, Ford wing Bo, Kia k2, k3, Citroen C4And other parts of the models appear after plug in the goods, not cover the situation, can be passed OBD The connector is then removed and reinserted, or passed OBD Extension cord to solve, please consult specific customer service.

4. If you need to invoice the details in the order message, or contact customer service; Sunday default shipping.

5. If you do not often use the phone head-up display, it is recommended off-screen use gifted, App will run in the background, so more power and more convenient!

6.If the packaging is damaged or lost, will be deducted from the cost of 5-10 yuan; case of the product appearance of wear or damage, the product accessories, the situation of Diou Fu, the product is not damaged, , Will be deducted as appropriate, a certain return costs before returning and online customer service to confirm the product and packaging, or sign the impact of secondary sales will be found after deducting the corresponding costs.

7.2016Tire pressure version, advanced version only supports Iphone4S and Android4.3And the above system phone, the default issued new, such as the user is not Android4.3And above versions of the phone, please note in the order note, we will be issued on the low version of the phone has good support 2015paragraph.

8The original car comes with direct tire pressure monitoring, can only buy an external tire pressure version, can not buy built - in!

9. Any "counter price", "crossed price", etc., marked in the Lynx event are automatically generated by the Lynx system, these prices refer to the 'recommended retail price of the product'.