Full line | 24V lorry reversing video system large passenger bus Ka Leida visual definition night vision 12v

Full line | 24V lorry reversing video system large passenger bus Ka Leida visual definition night vision 12v

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Full line
  • Model: truck-specific imaging system
  • Color Category: Package a 7-inch bracket MP5 screen + camera package five 4.3-inch folding screen + Camera Package IV: 5-inch bracket AV screen + Camera Package III 7-inch rear-view mirror mp5 + Camera Package II 7 inch bracket AV display screen + camera
  • Additional features: with night vision camera
  • Imaging voice: visual reversing
  • Service: shop three packs
  • Function: reverse image
  • Whether to support night vision: Is

If you need a simple to install, but not the wiring to take power, you can configure the product line provides simple, but need to see the image required by the cigarette lighter switch, not the reverse display, but need to manually open,

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Product selling point: vehicle lanes Reversing two inputs reversing the priority Movies like safer glance

Full line of security systems Release: Wide voltage (12v-40V powerful), Discover a stable product easy to use, and now the truck adequate power is strong, the engine is started, the voltage to achieve energy 28V-36V Like traditional 24V camera, it is already can not afford such high voltage shocks, and temporarily avoid strong use of, but a long time, they withstand the test, the abnormal, malfunction, the product can not be stably used; this company launched a wide voltage systems, send the gospel to the faithful car, whether it is the use of imported truck truck truck on which heavy machinery, no problem.

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