North-Asura SE version | USB cable the laptop PC gamepad TV phone CF King glory

North-Asura SE version | USB cable the laptop PC gamepad TV phone CF King glory

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: BETOP/North-BTP-2175
  • Brand: BETOP/North
  • North through the handle: BTP-2175
  • Wireless: cable
  • Application object: Android platform
  • Color: bright light white handle bag mirror white glare sent black handle bag handle bag mirror sent black handle Bag Black Yellow
  • Handle features: vibration
  • Interface type: USB

Over 95% buyers Advisory the following questions, read the tips, shopping more easy.

A baby shows inventory quantities are in stock.

Second, by 15:45 good, in the absence of special circumstances (such as power failure, network failure, irresistible factors such as rainstorm), can be shipped the same day.

Third, the default Express: communication, yunda, flexible, economic EMS or contact online customer service make up postage post Shun Feng Express, confirming the order information to give sellers a message bar will appear at the bottom, you can mail your expected delivery, not self select express mail the Treasury!

Four express limitation: Express belonging to third party logistics, and we cannot guarantee that our express speed. Zhejiang and Shanghai General 1 day is expected, Jiangsu and Shanghai area outside, according to the usual experience is 2-3 days, remote counties and villages do not exclude 3-5 days. In order to refer to the number of days above. In case of express blowing up, traffic accidents, such as poor weather conditions will affect the delivery time, please buyer please understand!

Hong Kong, Macao and overseas delivery please know!

Warranty time
Shifting to the first three months, 1 year warranty.

Microsoft BUG Win8 system, cannot test the LT/RT button of the handle, but can be used in the game, know it!


1, the FIFA Games Online3, since company update on December 16, 2015 games controls, handles of all Xinput Protocol, initiate the game handles from the computers need to unplug before;

2, after you initiate the game coach screen appears, and then insert the handle (handle ensure that the p x two lights), will be able to play, or does not recognize the device status will appear.

3 and this is the case, is due to the problems brought about by the game company update the game control, and unrelated to handle, handles this problem exists for all Xinput Protocol, including Microsoft's Xbox360 and Xbox one360 controllers.

4, this issue need to fix game controls game company can solve and refer players to game company follow-up control to update the message.

Quality issues mail to understand answer: Handle oz three months, 1-year warranty. Determine the objective of a failure of a product, We assume shipping within 7 days, If it is returned to, buyer to pay postage, upon confirmation, we will treasure the shipping insurance criteria to your buyer's PayPal. 8 days-Within 1 month of buyers and sellers take over postage.

Appearance questions: Chromatic aberration due to different lighting and shooting display problems may result in product image and there is little difference in kind! White and black of handles surface are is polishing processing, are why mirror shell, look may will has mill marks (designated marks), some buyers will errors recognize why is factory descendants why designated marks, but, this is mirror design of sake, products are is with seals package factory, can official official website query. North pass official free phone: 4006754300 turned North pass market Department can Advisory polling, please known!

Game handle other solutions: Not every game supports handle (such as CS, Warcraft, playing mahjong is not supported), supports handles games are just part of the game. Handle is a passive device, only on the premise of game support, reinstate the handle to play feature. Of course you can also use other keyboard/mouse emulation software Such as : Splash. Does not natively support handle simulated games. YouTube Flash video using video teaching, are interested can take a look (Note PC with X360 handle, such as North-Asura SE, TE first handle switch to normal PC Mode).

Android device FAQ: Android 4.0 system with at least one USB slot (such as Android phones, supports OTG function you want and buy OTG cable), meet the above conditions only the most basic conditions, does not mean it would use. Some third-party hardware companies (such as: music video television) often change or upgrade their hardware systems program, before the cause can be used, cannot be used, this is not something we can control, well known.

Tips: Warranty do not secretly take apart the handle, or official does not give warranty! (Instructions for use please refer to factory specifications)