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303 Series Thermostatic Incubator | Microbial Bacterium Incubator | Seed Germination Box

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Cang Yue
  • Model: Electrothermal incubator
  • Item: 032
  • Color Classification: 303-00A DH3600A DH5000A DH6000A 303-00AB Biochemical Incubator SPX-70 Biochemical Incubator SPX-150 Biochemical Incubator SPX-250 Biochemical Incubator SPX-350 Mold Incubator MJX-70 Mold Incubator MJX-150 Mold Incubator MJX-250 Mold Incubator MJX-350 Light Incubator GZX-80 Light Incubator GZX-150 Light Incubator GZX-250 Light Incubator GZX-350 DH3600B DH4000B DH5000B DH6000B
  • Decoration and construction: experiment

Tips : 1. This freight price is the smallest of the other models need to contact customer service freight calculation, please understand the pro-buyers, because the size of the great difference between the cost of logistics there is a big gap, please give the greatest understanding and support, thank you!

2. The lack of side heating accuracy of the product 303-0 303-1 303-2 303-3 series of the corresponding modified bottom heating model DH3600 DH4000 DH5000 DH6000, liner size is basically the same size.