Cobos to treasure sweeping robot vacuum cleaner blossoming S thin smart home intelligent automatic mopping Ali

Cobos to treasure sweeping robot vacuum cleaner blossoming S thin smart home intelligent automatic mopping Ali

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: ECOVACS / Cobos DT85G
  • Brand: ECOVACS / Cobos
  • Cobos Model: DT85G
  • Dust box capacity: 0.5L
  • Whether automatic charging: yes
  • Maximum height: 7.9cm
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Crash Protection: Mechanical electronic double protection +
  • Item: Po blossoming S
  • Color Classification: Titanium coffee
  • Exterior styling: Sweeping robot
  • Function: Drag suction sweep
  • Cleaning line: Planning style
  • Whether with remote control: There are
  • Is there a timer reservation function:
  • LCD: none
  • Have a virtual wall: No

Germany won the Red Dot Award

Of cleaning ability, far more than the level of certain data, but also we need versatile complement each other.
  • Walking laws
  • Efficient and clean
  • Flexible avoidance
  • Quiet Low Noise
  • Voice prompts
Customer feedback, the problem is most concentrated machine to hurl herself around. Our Smart Move technology research and development effort,
It is to implement the law of the machine running, reduce duplication clean, smart trap.
  • Do not run around
  • Not wild guesses
  • Less leakage sweep
Mobile is simple, but the direction of movement of the law is complex, requiring quick induction,
Timely repair subtle changes in perspective.
Walking, the machine continued to maintain the status of agile, quickly identify the surrounding environment,
And promptly start the buffer system, gentle contact with your furniture.
Operation, the detection area is not clean, timely trap, as much as possible
Sweep to avoid leakage problem. So sweeping a wider and more coverage.
Farewell random sweeper blind repeated cleaning, use the path planning,
Reduce cleaning repetition rate, increase coverage.
To solve the machine to hurl herself around Cobos effort to develop Smart Move technology allows the machine guaranteed
Holding the bow-shaped line cleaning, and determine whether the area has been cleaned, its intelligent trapping and so on.
  • Multi-Sensor
  • Intelligent Algorithm
Machine body with 30 sensors that can locate and coordinate the direction of movement; at the same time
Equipped Cobos intelligent algorithms, and location information from the memory, to maintain regular walking.
In the process of cleaning the machine moves, sensitive sensors walking angle changes,
And timely repair of this subtle change in control walking straight and 90 ° turn.
Machine body with a total of two separate chips, the equivalent of two independent processors,
Contains unique intelligent algorithm, make the machine more intelligent, agile, walking more sensitive.
In order to solve the problem is not completely wet tow, the cleaning ability of the original based on the optimization,
And to propose innovative 'single room mode', to enhance the comprehensive cleaning ability from multiple dimensions.
  • After sweeping front drag
  • Studio Mode
  • Strong cleaning
Sweeping robot essence ability, is smart and efficient to clean the dust on the ground.
Blossoming S from suction, sweeping, polishing, mopping four ways starting dust solve different problems.
When too much dust mopping the floor, making it easy to move the dust, while a machine with
The 'front drag sweep' feature, first remove the ground from dust, then further wet drag.
Robot drag when wet, is not sometimes put your carpet wet? Choose single room
Mode and press room bow-shaped line wet mop, and can automatically return to the starting origin.
Water tank by scientific measurement of the speed of water seepage, so always wet wipes, dust force
Stronger; one wet rag, wet mop wiping synchronization, without waiting for the ground to dry.
In order to solve when you are not at home, furniture, machine easily, the threshold for seizure problems,
Blossoming S from the body to the height of the obstacle capability, we have made significant improvement.
  • Slim
  • Upgrade Obstacle
Blossoming S thinner, more powerful, no longer have to worry about the home carpet, threshold,
Furniture, etc., become an obstacle to the machine running the obstacle, travel all the way without interference.
In accordance with the characteristics of Chinese furniture, the body set at 7.9cm, can enter more
Bottom more furniture, free shuttle, clean your invisible corners.
Through scientific measurement, millions of times to try, we will drive upgrades, more
Enhance the power, so that climbing height and stability, has significantly improved.
I do not bother my gentle, like a family-like delicate care how you feel.
Let me do it your close family, always give you a clean and warm environment.
  • Stable motor
  • Cochlear duct
  • Centrifugal fan
Noise at work is closely related to the size of the machine, and motors, fans, etc. stable electric
Machine, unobstructed airflow fan, with systemic shock-proof design to make it quieter.
Always nagging family too, but can not do without this, intrusive S blossoming like family to communicate with you.
Remote control, timer reservation, change the cleaning mode,
It can be implemented in the mobile phone APP.
  • Remote control
  • Timer reservation
  • Studio Mode
Smooth lines, crystal gloss, fine button, which each
A detail into the infinite patience, ingenuity brand.

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