FB send battery charger NP-FW50 Sony Micro single NEX-5T R A7R camera a5100a6300a6000

FB send battery charger NP-FW50 Sony Micro single NEX-5T R A7R camera a5100a6300a6000

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: FB / Feng standard FW50 Battery Kit
  • Brand: FB / Feng Standard
  • Model: FW50 Battery Kit
  • Battery capacity: 1080mAh
  • For brand: Sony / Sony
  • Whether the original: Brand compatible battery

[Brand name] FB Feng standard

[Name] FB-FW50 battery charger + Distribution FB-FW50

[] 1080mAh battery capacity

[] The battery voltage of 7.2 volts

[] 18 months warranty period renewal

[Commodity information] brand new genuine, comparable to the original battery, high capacity and high cost!

[Applicable models Sony A5000 / A5100 / A6000 / A7R / A7S / A7 / A7M2 / A7S II / A33 / A35 / A37 / A55 NEX-C3 / NEX-F3 / NEX-3N / NEX-5C / NEX-5N / NEX-5R / NEX-5T / NEX-6 / NEX-7 / NEX-5D and other models

(Compatible with all listed failed, buyer against its own battery model purchased)

Our commitment to the sale are brand new authentic Feng standard battery, genuine fidelity, absolutely genuine, you can get the goods first try 2-3 times (Do not rush to get the goods to confirm payment, please use good) To confirm payment, authentic assessment, 15 days unconditional return, all costs incurred by us. Quality problems within a year and a half to change with a new product!

Reminder: This limit shipping hair Huitong Express, the need to increase other courier freight shipping to all over the stencil prevail.

(Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas friends please do not shoot, could not send the battery aviation sorry)

(Product warranty): Quality assurance Genius eighteen months.

(Manufacturing plants): TAI Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd.

(Sales): Hong Kong Electronics Co., Ltd. Feng standard

(Product certification): UL ISO9001 ROHS CE

(Insurance company): China Ping An Insurance (maximum amount of three million)

(Product Features): Japanese technology, imported raw materials, the use of 1100 to ensure that the cycle times, value protection, this product has been designed and improved for use in tropical and cold areas.