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Mele / Mele M8 PLUS voice quad core network wireless high-definition TV set-top box HD wifi box

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Mele / Mele M8 PLUS
  • CPU cores: Quad-core
  • Brand: Mele / Mele
  • Model: M8 PLUS
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Run memory RAM: 1GB
  • color: black
  • Storage: Built-in flash memory
  • Hard drive capacity: 1.5TB
  • Output resolution: 3840x2160
  • Player Category: Network Player
  • Dimensions: 105mm * 105mm * 23mm
  • Weight: 0.5KG
  • Interface Type: Network Interface WIFI HDMI AV USB multi-card reading slot
  • Operating system: Andrews



Mele M8 Upgrade Version Shock struck

Machine supports offline caching, network instability may be the perfect solution so that the machine is still smooth playback.

It supports H.265 hardware solution comes with 4K content area

Support hearing fly voice features, the most advanced and most intelligent voice, support Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuan dialect and other multilingual

Built-in stereo high-gain wifi antenna, super signal through walls no longer a problem

GITV genuine authority, permanent free to watch TV