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Ya Lisi wig | no trace of the needle re - issued a long block full - fat hair |

Ya Lisi wig | no trace of the needle re - issued a long block full - fat hair |
Product code: 47393400030
Unit price 127.59-255.49$
Sold quantity 160
Available stock 82

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Alice YL-1003
  • Brand: Alice
  • Wig single product: YL-1003
  • Color classification: 13 * 15 natural black 40cm 13 * 15 natural black 50cm 17 * 16 natural black 75cm 17 * 16 natural black 25CM 17 * 16 natural black 65cm 17 * 16 natural black 40CM 13 * 15 natural black 20CM 16 * 17 natural black 30cm 13 * 15 Nature Black 30CM 17 * 16 Nature Black 50CM
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wigs bangs Categories: Ke Qi can be oblique bangs
  • Fake hair type: long straight hair
  • Style: Other
  • Efficacy: cover white hair replenishment by age
  • Cosmetic Features: Handle Crafts are natural and realistic

Before you buy:

1, this section issued for the double needle technology, fidelity is very high, you can Free to split , and also Support dyed (Recommended to choose a professional barber shop, dyeing, do not dyed to the end of the net);

2, this section is issued Functional replenishment of palpable hair tablets , So after wearing may need to trim the length or Liu Haicai more suitable for their own, each person's face, head type is not the same, wearing the effect will be different, after receiving the first try to wear what do not understand can always contact online customer service, Customer service will give you professional advice Oh~

To Note: The color is chosen inside 13*15with 17*16Is the size of the net area (13 is the width of the left and right, 15 is the length of the front and back, the unit is CM), material 100% real hair, super smooth Oh, double needle technology hair roots like their own generation, The end of the breathability of unmatched! Because the delivery process technology products longer than the general delivery time to 5-6 weeks or so, so few stocks like the pro as soon as possible to start it, support 7 days free trial, Delivery insurance! Do not know how much you know!