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Audi Double Diamond Remote control aircraft | super ruggedness remote control helicopter | drone aircraft alloy model aircraft children's toys

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Product parameters:

  • Product name: AULDEY/Audi dual drill helicopter
  • Brand: Audi AULDEY/double drilled
  • Item no: helicopter
  • Color category: Star Sir "Standard Edition" Star Sir "durable double-Edition" Star Sir "Deluxe Edition" containing 1 million camera
  • Aircraft type: helicopter
  • Remote control: included
  • Is there a guide video:
  • Package types: the official standard
  • For age: 14 years

This product is suitable for over 14 years, recommended for children below the age of 14, accompanied by a parent.

Note: manufacturers upgrade package at any time, to receive in order to prevail in kind

Battery notes: must not puncture battery casing, acupuncture may not! Or battery damage.

Seven days and no reason to return special reminder: ensure that the packaging and product in good condition does not affect the second sale, we will offer unconditional refund service!