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Venus pear head wig Qi Liu long hair fluffy pear head repair lob wig wig

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Venus 3478
  • Brand: Venus
  • Wigs single product: 3478
  • Color classification: # k6-6 Burgundy take the black # 33 Chocolate # 35 dark brown
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair material: room temperature silk
  • Wigs bangs Categories: may be inclined to bangs
  • Wig Hair Style: Pear Flower Head
  • Style: sweet and lovely
  • Effect: wig
  • Cosmetics Features: WMSJM-3478

Pear head from the creation of well-known Japanese hair stylist Miyamura noble team, its design concept from the shape of the water droplets, the overall shape is more fluffy, hair tail to maintain the overall sense of bending, the hair between the small scattered, But to create a natural without modification, as the overall image to add a few minutes The girl next door vivid and playful.

Chocolate color below

The following figure red wine take the black