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3 box Taiwan handmade false eyelashes transparent stems short paragraph natural bare makeup cross | 216 false eyelashes

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Product parameters:

  • False eyelashes / utensils classification: the entire pair of false eyelashes
  • False eyelashes Terrier Category: Plastic transparent Terrier
  • False eyelashes style: cross section
  • False eyelashes material: rayon
  • False eyelashes Length: 0.5cm (including) -1cm (free)
  • Brand: Alinda
  • Name: 216 transparent false eyelashes #
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Efficacy: Comfort length natural ease
  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Shelf life: None
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin

Alinda says 216 through 217 through a modified version of satisfaction like MM short paragraph, this section supernatural, length of only 0.7-0.8cm, very suitable for office workers
product description Each pair can be reused, super convenient and cost-effective
Eliminating shortcomings eyelash brush smudges, not waterproof, 24 hours to maintain large electric eye
Let your false eyelashes naturally looks like the real thing

Eyelash effect I believe u must know the importance of the paint on the mascara in the eye, because the makeup eyelashes will show radial effect, so that the eyes have become larger in the visual illusion, in fact, there is a more powerful method is to wear a fake eyelashes! do not think that false eyelashes makeup must be very exaggerated, in fact, as long as the wearing of a skill, we can create like a born-like eyes blinked a few times.
Paste Tips Stickers lashes eyelash when the angle is very important to bring some of the slightly upward Yang, greater than 45 degrees lashes itself, so as to compare stickers affixed to the roots of eyelashes eyelids! And Yang hand to play some of it will not stop the eye. For can clearly see the roots of the lashes itself, so as to accurately optimistic paste it! posted the first few lashes because this step is not done, it is difficult to get attached to the roots of eyelashes or eye end because you do not see so Luantie results. If the paste is sandwiched tweezers just have to pay attention to false eyelashes up Yang angle stickers Oh ~
Makeup tips How to Dismount false eyelashes:
When unloading false eyelashes gently unloading, do not force tear Toru! Tear of time as close to the root of false eyelashes, the first hand to distinguish between true and false eyelashes before tear. Make sure you are holding false eyelashes, eyelash and then not really torn, torn from the end of eye to eye when the head is better tear tear. this direct approach Alinda tear is the most appropriate, because it is a natural hair is not recommended in contact with water or oil, so if you want to live longer, it is recommended Do not apply over the eye with a liquid and then uninstall tear! of course Alinda's certainly not apply once it's finished. If you do not mind the short life of some, I hope to use uninstall tear fluid deposited over again, is also possible, every tear down. will kill the roots of false eyelashes glue, if you do not try to clean up the roots of eyelashes will become thick eyelashes glue itself is very thin very soft stems also because of the accumulation of these plastic and thicker eyelashes so life is short it!
Product Care 1. Remove from the box, to follow the direction of the eyelashes, fingers gently taken out of the land; when the eyelids peeled off from the midday sun to pinch false eyelashes fast pull down, avoid pulling hairs pulled down twenty-three .
2. Used false eyelashes to completely remove the above adhesive, neatly incorporated into the box. Be careful not to powder eye shadow, mascara and the like sticking to the false eyelashes, otherwise they will be dirty, destroy false eyelashes
3. When cleaning the false eyelashes, eye makeup remover with a special removable water to clean false eyelashes. With cotton pressure rub false eyelash, starting with the roots start, and then the front-end part. Action must be light, otherwise it can not be recycled up .

Tips Brush on mascara questions:
Before wearing eyelashes eyelashes folder itself Alice, transparent mascara or themselves some of the most common, as long as good on the line of makeup mascara painted what is the purpose of stereotypes! Directly after wearing false eyelashes you will not need to put on after brush mascara. the longest life law to wear false eyelashes. after some MM diet to bring together like the true and false eyelashes painted a mascara. in this way the effect is most definitely real, such a way of life of false eyelashes Usually this is 6-7 times wear law MM Note Remove each time to use false eyelashes false eyelashes eye makeup remover to remove mascara above if every unloading clean lashes life will be longer It suggested that such usage of MM do not use difficult to unload mascara Oh ~
In addition to individual suggest that you,
False eyelashes are generally doing their own line, color and shape are more perfect. After not to wear false eyelashes mascara brush also, they will play the role of extra points also see a lot of MM wearing false eyelashes, had the effect of further very clean and pretty, but the results of brushing the flies legs or too coarse effect. but does not look good!
Note that we can look at the design of false eyelashes, false eyelashes if the design is particularly fine hair, very light in color. Really feel the need to strengthen the time (such as a short cross 7 PX-8 kind of light texture), it is also suitable for brush mascara. If the thickness of the color texture false eyelashes itself have been sufficient, can not be superfluous brush mascara! compromise is transparent mascara brush ~

Instructions 1, cut it half, after the end of eye to stick for eyes small and round girls, have stretched the role of eye!
2, it cut a handful of it, section by section, forceps to get it glued eyelashes interval root, and natural, and cute!
3, the whole stick, the tip of a little part of what can be corrected, for the evening, as well as the stage and performances (which can stick 2 - - 3), which was big eyes and thick!