Wah H3C SMB-ER2100N 4 Kou 300 trillion enterprise-class wireless wifi router

Wah H3C SMB-ER2100N 4 Kou 300 trillion enterprise-class wireless wifi router

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Huawei 3Com SMB-ER2100N
  • Brand: H3C
  • H3C Model: SMB-ER2100N
  • Color Category: dark gray
  • Whether wireless: Wireless
  • Wireless transmission speeds: 300Mbps
  • Wired transfer rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: 300Mbps
  • Suitable for: Multi-Service Routers
  • Whether to support VPN: Support
  • Are Detachable: Detachable
  • Service: shop three packs
  • Condition: New
  • Packaging volume: 266mm × 162mm × 44mm

H3C ER2100n Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as H3C) introduced a new generation of high-performance enterprise-class wireless router, it is located in Ethernet / Fibre / xDSL access SMB market, including the need for high-speed Internet access small and micro businesses, corporate branch offices and home offices and other network environments.

300M high-speed wireless access, convenient and safe 'Guest mode'

Support 802.11b / g / n wireless technology, using 2X2 MIMO architecture, providing up to 300Mbps wireless speed, faster, more users access capability.

Removable dual antenna up 5dbi gain omni-directional antenna, wide signal coverage, strong penetration, wide environmental adaptability.

Support two virtual AP, it can control different strategies for different virtual AP, flexible wireless access to meet the needs of

Convenient and safe 'guest mode', will work on the office network and wireless user isolation 'guest mode' Virtual AP under. For example, the company partners and suppliers, open 'Guest mode' Virtual AP, they must provide, by the limiting network access and the Internet access capabilities, while protecting the enterprise network information security.

Support rich Internet behavior management

ER2100n support website filtering capabilities (black and white lists) and allows accurate matching and fuzzy matching keywords in two ways, and support for privileged IP site filtering configuration;

ER2100n support the application to control a variety of instant messaging software and financial software, such as QQ / MSN / great wisdom / analyst / Flush / GF Xeon / Everbright Securities / state securities and other financial software application control functions. In addition, users can setting privileged user groups to ensure that key users use are not affected.

IPSec VPN, branch node access

ER2100n supports standard IPSec VPN, users can simply WEB configuration for secure VPN connections between end to end, and supports a variety of encryption algorithms, is ideal for branch node access devices.

ER2100n optimize IPSec VPN configuration steps through concise configuration wizard, even without specialized knowledge of the network can be easily configured IPSec VPN connection.

H3C combined with the characteristics of the user's network configuration supports IPSec VPN connections and NAT-T NAT traversal function through its domain name on ER2100n, even if the two sides do not have a fixed IP address can also establish IPSec VPN link.

L2TP VPN, dial-up access user support

ER2100n support L2TP dial-up access, to facilitate business travel company employees to access internal servers

ARP virus dual Protection

ER2100n by IP <-> MAC address binding, fixed ARP table of the gateway, Netcom can effectively prevent ARP spoofing caused interruption.

ER2100n real-time to identify and discard the illegal ARP packets, support mechanisms millisecond regularly send free ARP can effectively avoid the ARP poisoning attack triggered LAN PC and timely error correction PC gateway ARP.

Intelligent QoS Policy

Over occupancy will affect BT, Thunder and other P2P software on the network bandwidth to other normal business users within the network, ER2100n through IP-based network traffic speed limit entry mechanism and NAT mechanism that can effectively control the single PC / downstream traffic and the number of established NAT entry, limiting P2P software over the network bandwidth usage.

ER2100n support for IP network segment / IP range shared and exclusive approach to QoS policy configuration based on a specific period of time, to meet the needs of the user flexible service configuration.

Comprehensive system monitoring

ER2100n provides comprehensive performance monitoring, and line graph provides system CPU and memory usage in real-time monitoring.

ER2100n provides real-time network traffic monitoring, traffic monitoring and statistics can be based on port or IP.

ER2100n offers a variety of security logs, including internal and external network attacks in real-time log address binding log, alarm log and session log traffic for network administrators to monitor the network in real-time operational status and security status.

Environmentally friendly green design

ER2100n a professional green low-carbon design, materials and products to meet the environmental protection and security of the EU RoHS standards.

Hardware Specifications



Dimensions (H × W × D) mm

266mm × 162mm × 44mm

Fixed port

A 10 / 100M WAN port

4 10 / 100M LAN port

1 Console port

Wireless speed



2 5dbi External detachable high-gain omnidirectional antenna, 2X2 MIMO architecture

Processor (CPU)

Clocked at 533MHz


power supply





Fanless, natural cooling

Operating temperature

0ºC ~ 40ºC / -40ºC ~ 70ºC

Working humidity

5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Total power consumption



CCC certification



Software Specifications



Network protocol






DHCP client

DHCP server





300Mbps wireless speed, 2X2 MIMO architecture

Multiple Virtual AP

Convenient and safe guest mode

Wireless MAC Filter


Outbound communication strategy (source IP / purpose IP / protocol / port / period)

Inbound traffic policy (source IP / purpose IP / protocol / port / period)


It supports 10 IPSec connection

Support AH, ESP protocol

Support manual or automatic up SA through IKE

ESP supports DES, 3DES, AES encryption algorithm more

It supports the MD5 and SHA-1 authentication algorithm

Support IKE main mode and aggressive mode.

Supports NAT-T traversal

Supported by the domain configuration mode IPSec connection (DDNS)


L2TP Server

L2TP Client

cyber security

Static ARP (IP <-> MAC address binding)

DHCP authorized ARP (automatic binding DHCP assigned IP)

ARP attack defense / free ARP

Stateful packet inspection

Prevent WAN port Ping

Prevent TCP syn scan

Prevent Stealth FIN scan

Prevent TCP Xmas Tree scan

Prevent TCP Null scan

Prevent UDP scanning capabilities

Land attack prevention function

Smurf attack prevention function

Prevent WinNuke Attacks

Prevent Ping of Death attacks

SYN Flood attack prevention function

UDP Flood attack prevention function

ICMP Flood attack prevention function

Prevent IP Spoofing function

Fragmented packets to prevent attack

TearDrop attack prevention

Fraggle attack prevention function

Internet user behavior management

URL Filtering (black list)

MAC address filtering

QQ / MSN access control

Financial software control

Great wisdom / analyst / Flush / GF Xeon / Everbright Securities / Guoyuan Securities


Historical traffic statistics

Traffic Statistics (flow IP / port-based statistics)

Smart Flexible Bandwidth

Green Channel management / restriction channel management

Network traffic speed (based on IP, respectively upstream and downstream traffic limit)

NAT entry restrictions

data monitoring

Based on physical port traffic statistics

IP-based traffic statistics, supports automatic sorting function

Based on the number of links NAT IP statistics

system service


Port Triggering


virtual server

DMZ Host

VPN pass through (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec)

Support local DNS Server

Configuration Management

Web-based user management interface (remote management / Local Management)

HTTPS Remote Management

CLI Command Line

SNMP V1 / V2C / V3

Upgrading the system software via HTTP


Static Routing (50)


Ping / Traceroute

Device Self

A key export fault information