Intelligent night vision wireless camera mini wifi mini network monitor remote handset small invisible 1080p

Intelligent night vision wireless camera mini wifi mini network monitor remote handset small invisible 1080p

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Was like Color: Color
  • Brand: High surgery
  • Model: GSD900
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Focal length: 2.8mm
  • Focal lengths: wide-angle
  • Definition: 1080p
  • Sensitive area: Other
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Effective distance: 0m (free) -10m (free)
  • Lens size specifications: 2.8mm

GSD900 core technologies:

Mainstream Huawei Hass 3518C high-end chip 140-degree wide-angle HD lens built-in high-quality lithium batteries

WIFI hotspot network automatically off after stabilization networking

The machine has a one-button reset function key unlit

The machine can be alone when using the DV, there are video button with the camera button, and can do video camera out the lights

The machine can short-range point-watch

The machine can be remotely viewed

The machine can be connected to a mobile WIFI, such as WIFI China on car

The machine can record video card, stored on the machine's memory card

The machine can be side by side rechargeable, three meters Get custom power line, giving foot 2A 5V charging head high quality, gift

Card reader, optional for charging treasure

After point machine or remote, functional, functional leader:

APP on-line monitoring interface, press the image reversal function, formal wear, can

Can control flip APP

APP on-line monitoring interface, you can control the angle, left or right on the APP


APP on-line monitoring interface, you can save the video on your phone memory card

APP on-line monitoring interface, pictures can be saved on the phone memory card

APP on-line monitoring interface, you can listen to the live sound check

APP on-line monitoring interface, open or close the infrared light

On the bottom right of the screen Online APP 'record' icon, you can view deleted download

Video machine's memory card

APP on advanced configuration options in the mobile detection alarm can be set sensitivity

Degree, prompted alarm information in the phone interface, the phone lock screen

Like a display! On software alarm location can be viewed in real-time alarm capture FIG.

Sheet. There are date and time the picture!

APP on advanced configuration options 'time setting', a direct point of time synchronization APP

Yes, recording time can be synchronized, no other


APP on advanced configuration options 'wifi connection configuration', you can set up remote

APP on advanced configuration options 'Modify P2P Password', you can modify your own secret

Codes, passwords can not remember to take pictures by pressing the button for 3 seconds

On reset! Will be a key to reset to the original code 8888

Products subject to upgrade changes without prior notice!

To buy charging treasure, please contact customer service!

You can download online videos to the hands in the card

The phone can be viewed online video saved on Memory!

To delete the video:

1. Loop recording video card will be automatically deleted when the memory card is full!

2. Take card reader connected to the computer, delete recordings on the computer!

3. Remove the video card does not want to open in the software!

About motion detection alarm:

You can open the phone to display the bottom right of the camera software directly online interface, interface, point the alarm icon positions

You can view the alarm information, while inside there is motion detection to capture photos with the date and time on pictures!

As long as the mobile phone with the machine or remotely connected proximity and run 'BVCAM'APP, without having to open software

Phone will receive motion detection alarm information tips! Will have voice prompts! Prompt content to 'CAM camera motion detection alarm'

At this point you can open the camera software in the lower right corner of the online interface 'alarm' position to view the alarm capture photos above, there are time display

Open Advanced Configuration - alarm settings --- can set the motion detection sensitivity or turn off motion detection alarm

On the screen upside down reversal function:

Normal video camera is upright, if the camera is installed in turn, namely when the camera upside down, the monitor screen is reversed, but our software is very intelligent,

Tap the bottom right corner of the monitor screen image reversal icon image right back positive! That is lifting, flip-no problem!

Our wide angle 140 degrees machine itself, sufficient. However, if the camera installed, the control point left or right to find some of the better,

Tap the icon to the lower right corner of the monitor screen so the camera angle can be left or right to adjust immediately! The machine does not do that is machine does not move his head, the angle change!!!

About Passwords Review:

Machine into monitoring interface, it will prompt you to modify the original password 8888, you can modify this time, you can change it later in the Advanced configuration.

If you do not remember the password to modify, not returned to the manufacturer, you can long press video recording machine health over 6 seconds, a reset button to restore to factory settings 8888

Point code consistent with P2P password! Modified while! Safe and convenient!

About Time Update:

The card inside the machine recording time, and the time to update the software interface display monitor

Just open the software interface displays the camera Online

Advanced Configuration --- --- find time settings - time synchronization with APP complete without other complex operations!

About Download APP:

1. scan code to download! Apple can come up with a mobile phone or Android phone scan two-dimensional code on the instructions to download and install 'BVCAM' APP!

You can download instructions on QQ scan two-dimensional code

You can also open the browser, two-dimensional code identifies the point in the upper right of the browser once to scan download!

Or other two-dimensional code scanning software to scan downloads (be careful not to use the micro-channel scan)

2. Open the Apple phone Mobile Desktop 'APP Store', open the APP Store Find 'BVCAM' download and install

3. Andrews mobile phone market such as open phone 'Baidu Mobile Assistant' '360 phone assistant' after like, open the Mobile Assistant Find 'BVCAM' download and install

On how to point connection:

Machine charged, boot, self-test and then wait for the machine since the start, about 2 minutes.

Open the phone's settings, find the WIFI settings, open WIFI find, will find the machine WIFI WIFI service named 'KD *', that is the beginning of KD machine issued.

Find the beginning of the KD machine emitted WIFI point it will automatically connect the name will appear on the connected Gogo!

Open the phone downloaded software 'BVCAM', the point 'has been added networking settings' and then click 'Search LAN' and then click 'OK'

The software displays the points 'new cameras' and then click 'OK', the interface displays 'online' point-point line can monitor watch!

About setting up the remote:

In the previous case can point to watch in the show 'online' interface, online rightmost point there is a 'small gear' icon

Point 'pinion' go to 'Advanced Configuration', find 'wifi connection configuration', point it appears the name of your router WIFI issued,

Select it, then enter the password WIFI router transmits this password is the password of your router WIFI issued. Point to confirm! Camera reboot!!

Like two minutes. Displays the camera off, the camera is at this time connected to your home router WIFI, online the moment on the show. While online, the camera is in remote mode.

Under remote camera mode, even if you are anywhere in the world, as long as the mobile phone access to the Internet, open the software can monitor online!

Monoculture DV using the operation:

1. The machine will boot automatically after flashing and will restart again. Total restart three times. Note that is three times, after three machine instructions that is stable blue light! That boot to wait 2-3 minutes, then operation !

2. Power Wait about 2 minutes, press the camera button once work light flashed, that is, took a picture!

3. Power Standby, press the record button click, the working indicator has been flashing, that is, the video will be saved automatically.

To manually save the video, click the video is the key, is to save the video! Enter standby!

During recording, if you want to turn off the work lights, long press the camera button more than 3 seconds and then let go completely destroyed and other instructions!

(To restore the working indicator, press the record button once to save the recording, then press the camera button more than 3 seconds indication light let go into standby)