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TP-LINK dual-core full-Gigabit enterprise VPN router TL-ER6520G WeChat authentication router

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Product parameters:

  • Product name: TP-Link / TL-E ...
  • Brand: TP-Link / 普联 技术
  • TP-Link Model Number: TL-ER6520G
  • Color classification: dark gray
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Cable router speed: 1000Mbps
  • Cable transmission rate: 10/100 / 1000Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: None
  • Network standards: 802.2
  • Wireless network support Frequency: Not supported
  • Applicable objects: Broadband VPN router Internet cafes dedicated broadband router Enterprise Routers Network Security Routers Multiservice Routers Carrier-class high-end routers Broadband Router
  • USB interface quantity: Not supported
  • Whether to support VPN: support
  • Yes No Built-in firewall: Yes
  • WDS support: Not supported
  • WPS: Not supported
  • Removable: None
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Condition: New
  • Packaging volume: 440x227x44 (mm)
  • Gross weight: 3.6 kg

TL-ER6520G is a dual-core, full-Gigabit enterprise VPN router developed by TP-LINK. It is mainly targeted at the network environments that require high-speed Internet access, online behavior management and remote secure communication in enterprises, offices, parks and hotel chains. -ER6520G dual-core 64-bit network processor, single-core frequency up to 500MHz, with 256MB DDRII high-speed memory, with a strong network data forwarding capabilities, while supporting IPSec / PPTP / L2TP VPN, Internet behavior management, firewall, flow control and Electronic bulletins and other rich features, suitable for the formation of safe, efficient and easy to manage the entire Gigabit enterprise network.

High-speed and stable dual-core full Gigabit hardware platform

Using dual-core 64-bit network processor, 256MB DDRII high-speed memory, packet processing capacity has been greatly enhanced, can achieve Gigabit-level data forwarding.

Flexible and practical interface configuration

It provides five 10/100 / 1000M physical ports. The five physical ports in the factory state do not distinguish between WAN and LAN roles. You can divide the network into different segments according to actual needs (such as WAN, LAN, DMZ Etc.), and then the physical port freely assigned to each sector, with a very high flexibility.Also supports a physical port binding multiple virtual interfaces, such as eth interface, PPPoE interface, L2TP interface, PPTP interface, greatly enhance Physical port flexibility to adapt to complex network requirements.

Secure and reliable IPSec / PPTP / L2TP VPN

Supports IKE and manual mode to set up VPN connection (IPSec, IPSec, IPSec, IPSec, IPSec, IPSec, VPN). It supports standard IPSec VPN functions, such as data integrity authentication, data source authentication, packet replay and data encryption , And for domestic users to use more dynamic IP, PPPoE dial-up access network features, allowing the configuration of VPN connections through the domain name; to allow the establishment of 200 IPSec VPN tunnels to meet the corporate headquarters and the branch offices, business and business Partners / suppliers to establish long-distance secure communication between the needs.

Supports PPTP / L2TP server and client functions, allowing the establishment of 100 PPTP VPN tunnels and 100 L2TP VPN tunnels.Users can choose according to the actual needs of flexible use of server and client functions: When deployed in corporate headquarters, the general use of PPTP / L2TP server function to meet the needs of employees or branch offices in the remote security access company network; when you need to establish VPN connection with the remote PPTP / L2TP server, you need to use PPTP / L2TP client function.

Comprehensive and effective online behavior management

(QQ / Web QQ / MSN / Ali Want, etc.), P2P software (Thunder / Thunder to see / eDonkey, etc.), financial software (such as software) (Http proxy, socks4 proxy, socks5 proxy), etc., a total of up to nearly 60 species, just in the game (QQ games, Thunder games, happy farm, QQ farms, etc.) Configuration page, select the appropriate option, you can control the permissions of the staff to support the user group configuration blocking policy can be assigned to different users different permissions to ensure the normal use of key users.

Support for black and white sites and user groups based on the filtering strategy can limit staff access to various types of sites, to avoid the potential harm to visit a malicious Web site.

Rich security policy

By configuring basic access control rules, you can enable or disable employees to use a variety of network applications, including FTP download, send and receive mail, Web browsing, video and voice communications, etc. On the staff of the Internet access to the fine management.

Provides IP and MAC address auto-scan and one-button binding function. It can bind IP address and MAC address information of LAN port (internal network) and WAN port (external network) at the same time, effectively prevent ARP spoofing inside / outside network. ARP spoofing caused by the problem of network dropped; ARP spoofing in time, according to the frequency of the initiative to send ARP correction information in a timely manner to restore the normal state of the network, effectively reduce the degree of harm.

It can protect against common DoS attacks, scanning attacks, and suspicious packet attacks, such as: TCP Syn Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, WinNuke attack, fragment attack, WAN attack, and WAN attack defense. Port ping, TCP Scan (Stealth FIN / Xmas / Null), IP spoofing and so on.

Supports MAC address-based filtering to effectively block access to illegal hosts.

Flexible flow control

Support intelligent IP bandwidth control function, according to the actual bandwidth utilization flexibility to enable bandwidth control strategy for each host in the network (IP) for two-way bandwidth control, effectively suppress BT, Thunder P2P applications such as excessive bandwidth, avoid causing network Game cards, slow Internet access issues, to protect the network at all times.

IP-based connection limit function can limit the number of connections per computer, the rational use of a limited number of NAT connections to prevent a small number of users over a large number of connections to ensure that the game, Internet, chat, video, voice and other smooth get on.

It supports multiple load balancing strategies, such as intelligent equalization, special application routing, ISP routing, and policy routing. In this way, it can effectively improve the network quality of service and make full use of the interface bandwidth to enhance network experience and protect users' investment.

Convenient and practical management and maintenance

All Chinese Web interface operating style, all functions can be configured through the graphical interface, each configuration provides the necessary help information, user-configured router.

Provide log list and log server functions, detailed logging to monitor the operation of the network to help quickly detect network anomalies, locate the source of the problem in a timely manner to exclude network failure; provide graphical interface, real-time monitoring of CPU utilization and other key resources within the router, Of the various dangers and attacks.

Support for local LAN or Internet remote management router to facilitate chain operations and remote assistance; support Ping detection, routing, and other fault detection detection tool, and can backup and import the router configuration file to facilitate routine maintenance and management.