Minus 10 yuan BD sharp distinctions | insulin pen needles 31G * 5mm * 7 Zhi disposable sterile needles imports

Minus 10 yuan BD sharp distinctions | insulin pen needles 31G * 5mm * 7 Zhi disposable sterile needles imports

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Shanghai
  • Medical Devices Product Name: You Rui insulin pen needles
  • Brand: BD
  • Model: 31G * 5mm * 7 Zhi
  • Value-added services: 0
  • The implementation of standards: Sign standard imported products YZB / USA 4556-2008 "insulin
  • Diseases: Diabetes
  • Blood sugar supplies: needles
  • For people: Any
  • Color Classification: [1] Box (7 device * 1 box) [3] Box (7 Clothes * 3 boxes) [8] box (7 * 8 mounted box) [10] Boxed Boxed ( 7 * 10 boxes installed) 20 [box] (7 * 20 boxes installed)
  • Approval Number: State Food and Drug Administration firearms (prospective) word 2008 No. 3152831
  • Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Whether imported: No

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You Rui insulin injection pen needle (BD) 31G * 5mm * 7 Zhi

[Performance] mainly by the structure and composition of the sheath, needle, needle seat components. Needle tube of stainless steel, the rest is polypropylene. Disposable.
[Specification] 31G × 5mm (0.25mm × 5mm)
[Package] 7 installed
【Validity】 60 months
[Registration number] SFDA (forward) No. 2008 3152831.
[Product standards] imported products registration standards YZB / USA 4556-2008 "insulin pen needles."
Company Name: Becton Dickinson Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

product features
1. mesh coated with silicon membrane technology and process multiple needles, needle sharp and smooth, are like the injection painless;
2. The thin-walled design, in the case of the same outer diameter greater diameter, to ensure the insulin flow rates, more conducive to the body's absorption of insulin;
3. approved by the US FDA specifications applicable to any insulin pen, such as Eli Lilly and gifted with the pen, Aventis Lantus pen, IMC pen, pen 3 Novo, Novo Britain, Novo pen children, Dongbao pen;
4. more short length injection without pinching skin clothes, one-hand operation.
The insulin pen needles in the clinical and insulin injection pens used for supporting subcutaneous injection of insulin.
1, the needle seat torn paper aseptic closure - the hub cap affixed.
2, aligned straight refills, tighten the needle on the pen.
3. Remove the outer needle cap and the inner needle cap and avoid bending the needle when removing the inner needle cap.
4, the needle up, flick the pen to let air bubbles float to the top, press the injection button until liquid discharge needle point.
5, after cleaning the injection site, without pinching the skin directly vertical needle. The injection button press in the end and then stay 5-10 seconds, and put aside the needle outer needle cap, unscrew the used needles and discard to discard the cartridge.

Insulin pump should meet the following conditions:
1. capable of self-monitoring of blood glucose;
2. have good control of blood glucose self-care ability and initiative;
3. There are certain cultural knowledge and understanding; have a certain economic capacity.
4. Patients according to their own situation, combined with the characteristics of different infusion, and choose the most appropriate in their own way, better control of blood sugar, improve the quality of life.

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