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The new mini - wire - controlled self - portrait shot pole iPhone6plus5s 4s self - portrait artifact bar South Korea Apple mobile phone camera

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: OSGEER / OSGER
  • Model: Self - timer pole
  • Whether with remote control: Does not contain
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Color Classification: silver + self-timer bar bag blue + self-timer bar bag black + self-timer bar bag rose gold + self-timer bar bag red + self-timer bar bag of earth ho gold +

Traveling, carrying more convenient

Admission package gift limited to 30,000 sets, while supplies last

Upgraded version - stainless steel pipe (with groove)

Advantages: more stable camera can be vertical, horizontal shot, do not slide, do not shift, anti-shake, to withstand greater weight more durable

Plug and Play, no need to set the Bluetooth pairing, no charge.

Andrews Apple with a general line with the self-timer pole, Andrews 4.2.2 above system (temporarily does not apply to models: small pepper, Nubia, backgammon, Lenovo, ZTE, cool, Cool ,, HTC, etc., can consult customer service) , If you can not use, download the camera 360 (camera 360), iphone ios5.01 or later, without having to download the software directly into the phone line audio port, You can control the phone camera to take pictures. (Note: Andrews system must set the camera, the volume keys for the camera, shutter, or for the camera.)