Stunning small stereo subwoofer DH500 computers | Notebook mini cute USB portable multimedia speakers

Stunning small stereo subwoofer DH500 computers | Notebook mini cute USB portable multimedia speakers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: dazzling DH500
  • Packaging volume: 22.1CM * 12.1CM * 10.5CM
  • Channel: 2.2
  • Condition: New
  • GW: 0.54
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Color: White Pink Pink
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: dazzling
  • Model: DH500

Dazzling DH500Speakers Shock Market it! Bass Engine , beginner level Hi-Fi Audio , Design , Cute and practical, small speakers, loud!

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To buy, to buy a good workmanship, sound good!

Now online 10 speakers a few dollars shipping, sales volume is very high. Are looking to buy a cheap suit! Get hands listen to pack your regret! Do not let yourself regret it! A few dollars more and enjoy the results are not the same! Cheap speakers, using the raw materials are cheap , Unreliable quality, manufacturers and brand goods, not a grade!

Tips: Dear audio enthusiast, there are bass speaker diaphragm, and not put together to listen to the sound quality did not have a comparable diaphragm speakers, sound vigorous, dynamic, three-dimensional, bass feels strong on the contrary there is no diaphragm small!. speakers, sounds the horn and the notebook comes with the same effect! just the volume too big! a sub-price goods!! this is our band bass diaphragm!!

Shopkeeper commitment: satisfied or return shipping sellers bear so that buyers shopping zero risk!!!

Dazzling DH500 diameter of about 9cm, fist-sized, compact fashion.

DH500 dazzling pink has arrived, beautiful cute, small size, big volume.

Dazzling DH500 using AAS dynamic bass technology, built-in low-frequency radiation plate, bass mellow!

Dazzling DH500 circular seal box, the box is more rounded than square ordinary voice, layering more! Combined with efficient digital audio amplifier, sound richer, more delicate!

Dazzling DH500 Each box was equipped with a set of high sound bass diaphragm! 2 + 2 only low-fidelity speaker diaphragm , Combined into a more revolutionary 2.2 sound! More bass heavy! More shocking! Sound quality is much better than ordinary 2.0 speakers!

Dazzling DH500 using remote control to adjust the volume, and more convenient! Breaking away from ordinary speakers to adjust the volume, you need to pick up or move the speaker embarrassment!

Dazzling DH500 using 1.3 m long cable, a desktop, laptop and other equipment can be applied! Much higher than ordinary small speaker wire 80cm long!