Dazzle DH500 computer small audio subwoofer | Notebook mini portable USB multimedia speakers

Dazzle DH500 computer small audio subwoofer | Notebook mini portable USB multimedia speakers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: dazzling DH500
  • Packing volume: 22.1CM * 12.1CM * 10.5CM
  • Channel: 2.2
  • Condition: New
  • Gross weight: 0.54
  • Power mode: other
  • Box Material: Plastic
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Color classification: white pink
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Brand: dazzling
  • Model: DH500

Dazzling DH500Small speakers Shock Listing it! Bass engine , beginner level Hi-Fi sound , Design , Cute and practical, small speakers, large volume!

One - time buy a good!

Buy, buy a good workmanship, good sound quality!

Now online a few dollars 包邮 10 speakers, sales are very high. Are watching cheap to follow the trend to buy! Get your hands to listen to the package you regret it! Do not let their own regret! More money, enjoy the effect is not the same! Cheap speakers, the use of raw materials are cheap , Quality unreliable, and Dachang brand goods, not a grade!

There is a diaphragm of the speaker, sound quality vigorous, dynamic, three-dimensional, bass feel strong. Conversely, there is no diaphragm of the small. Sound box, it sounds like the speaker and the notebook comes with the same effect! Just a little more volume! A sub-price goods! Our this is with a bass diaphragm!

Dazzling DH500 diameter of about 9cm, fist size, compact and stylish.

Dazzling DH500 pink has arrived, beautiful and lovely, small figure, large volume.

Dazzling DH500 using AAS dynamic bass technology, built-in low-frequency radiation plate, overweight bass mellow!

Dazzling DH500 round sealed box, the sound is more round than the average square round, more layered! With high-performance digital sound amplifier, the sound richer, more delicate!

Dazzling DH500 each box with a set of high-performance bass diaphragm! 2 high-fidelity speaker +2 low-frequency shock film , Combined into the 2.2 audio! Bass more heavy! More shocking! Sound quality is much better than ordinary 2.0 speakers!

Dazzle DH500 using wire volume control, more convenient! Since then say goodbye to ordinary speakers to adjust the volume, need to pick up or move the speaker's embarrassment!

Dazzling DH500 with 1.3 meters long cable, desktop, notebook and other equipment can be applied to much larger than 80cm ordinary small speaker line length!