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Ladies breast-feeding lingerie sexy collection of breasts

Ladies breast-feeding lingerie sexy collection of breasts
Product code: 47002300030
Unit price 10.38-12.46$
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fang Zi
  • Model: W021
  • Color Classification: Steel Ring Demolition Edition Apricot Steel Ring Demolition Edition Color Steel Ring Demolition Edition Black Bamboo Charcoal Bacteriostatic Edition Apricot Bamboo Charcoal Bacteriostasis Version Skin Bamboo Charcoal Bacteriostatic Edition Black
  • Item No .: W021
  • Size 70B 70C 75B 75C 80B 80C 85C 85B 90B 90C 70D 75D 75E 80D 80E 85D 85E 90E 90D 80F 85F 90F 75F
  • Closed way: before the opening button
  • Whether steel ring: a steel bracket
  • Material: Others
  • Style: Shoulder strap bra
  • Cup style: 3/4 cup
  • Die cup thickness: thin mold cup
  • Lining material: cotton
  • Fabric: lace
  • Shoulder strap style: fixed shoulder strap
  • Insert: air cushion
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: lace edge
  • Function: breastfeeding
  • Applicable season: not limited to the season
  • Style: sexy