EIRMAI Rhema | absorbent card | Electronic regenerative moisture card | Dehumidifiers | Rechargeable breathers

EIRMAI Rhema | absorbent card | Electronic regenerative moisture card | Dehumidifiers | Rechargeable breathers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Storage volume: 10L (including) -30L (including)
  • material: plastic
  • Moisture Tool Type: absorbent card

(Brand): Rhema Eirmai

Power supply voltage: AC 110V --- 240V
Frequency: 50 / 60HZ
Power: 16W
Volume: 135 * 95 * 34mm
Total: 320 g

Products are widely used to store cameras, camcorders, computer magneto-optical disks, audio and video products, stamps, photos
Precision instruments, advanced supplements, medicines and other sealed cabinet (or container) of moisture, mildew.

1, comes with electronic heating regeneration, flake, hidden power thrust design, space saving.
2, the new PTC ceramic heating devices, highly efficient special absorbent material, absorbent and regeneration combined.
3, a special hygroscopic material, without replacement, no smell, no pollution.
4, moisture-free electricity, no thermal effect. Safety saving, long service life.

(Physical picture):

First, the oven before using Cabinets (cabinet), the first power-regeneration, as follows:
A: Bachu power plug on the power (AC220V) lights.
B: energized about 3 to 5 hours using a moisture absorbent regenerated sufficiently dried.
C: Unplug the power plug so that the absorbent card back to stand for 20 to 30 minutes to cool down.
D: The moisture absorbent card in the Cabinets.

Second, the regenerated absorbent card in the Cabinets moisture.

Third, the regeneration cycle: If the container or cabinet with a temperature indicator was observed indicating thermometer,> 60% RH,
Remove from Cabinets moisture card, the power, the repeated use of renewable, if Cabinets thermometer <50% RH,
No need to remove the non-regeneration temperature indicator, the observed changes in the indicator window on a blue plastic card absorbent color.;
By a dark blue pale pink energized shall be taken regeneration.

1, the initial use, if indicated by the blue silicon absorbent on the card does not change color, it can be used directly.
2, absorbent card again and should Cabinets / performed outside the cabinet, has placed vertically in a well-ventilated table (tables) or on the ground.
3, moisture card in the Cabinets moisture absorption can not be energized.