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LDG-MK electromagnetic flowmeter | sewage flow meter table mud | anticorrosive flowmeter high-precision electroplating wastewater

Product code: -46952000030
Unit price 56.05-937.64$
Sold quantity 836
Available stock 1996
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Flowmeter type: electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Color Classification: split converter rubber lining DN40 rubber lining DN50 rubber lining DN65 rubber lining DN80 rubber lining DN100 rubber lining DN125 rubber lining DN150 rubber lining DN200 to be customized Other specifications please contact customer service matching flange PTFE lining DN15 PTFE lining DN25 Fluorine lining DN32 PTFE lining DN40 PTFE lining DN50 PTFE lining DN65 PTFE lining DN80 PTFE lining DN100 PTFE lining DN125 PTFE lining DN150 PTFE lining DN200 PTFE lining DN250 Rubber lining DN20