Genuine TPLINK TL-R4239G multi-WAN port Gigabit VPN Router enterprise UNPROFOR Specials

Genuine TPLINK TL-R4239G multi-WAN port Gigabit VPN Router enterprise UNPROFOR Specials

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: TP-Link / P-linking technology TL-R ...
  • Brand: TP-Link / Cape linking technology
  • TP-Link Model: TL-R4239G
  • Color Classification: Standard
  • Are Wireless: Wired
  • Wired router speed: 1000Mbps
  • Wired transfer rate: 10/100 / 1000Mbps
  • Wireless transfer rate: None
  • Network standard: 802.11n 802.11b 802.11g
  • Wireless network support frequency: Not supported
  • Applicable objects: Broadband VPN Router Broadband Router cafes dedicated enterprise-class router network router security
  • Number of USB interface: Does not support
  • Whether to support VPN: Support
  • Are built-in firewall: Yes
  • Support WDS: not supported
  • Whether to support WPS: does not support
  • Are Detachable: None
  • Service: Genius
  • Condition: New
  • Packaging volume: 528mm X 336mm X 100mm
  • GW: 3.12KG

Internet behavior management, regulate employee internet use

Internal 8Categories 60A variety of Internet applications database, can be a key control QQ Common applications Thunder, Flush, games;

Built more than a dozen class URL database of hundreds Can be a key restrictions Access to the site's staff;

Internal Behavior audit software , Internet behavior monitoring, recording and analysis of enterprise networksAnd can be a key export reports.

Multiple VPN Protect remote secure communication

stand by IPSec VPN Encryption enterprises and branches of confidential data, to ensure data security;

stand by PPTP VPN and L2TP VPN To facilitate the travel of employees, mobile workers remote access to enterprise servers, easy remote office;

PPPoE Easy and reliable servers, network access authentication

Internet accounts can be assigned to meet rental, residential quarters, hotels, schools and other campus network bandwidth sharing network users to access internal environment qualification requirements;

Support idle disconnection, due disconnected, manual disconnection, address binding, exception IP And other rich features.

Efficient firewall to protect the internal and external network security

ARP Double protection

Support IP and MAC address binding, effectively prevent internal / external network ARP spoofing; when subjected to ARP spoofing, in accordance with the specified frequency sends ARP correct information in a timely manner to restore the network normal state.

Attack Protection

Internal support / external network attack protection, can effectively prevent a variety of common DoS attacks, scanning attack, aggressive behavior suspicious package.

MAC Address filtering

Support filtering based on MAC addresses, effectively blocking the access of invalid hosts.

Access Policy

For a variety of network services through a distribution router privilege to protect internal and external network security, support rule-based access control user groups and time periods to achieve a more refined management.

Flexible bandwidth control, rational use of guaranteed bandwidth

Smart two-way IP Bandwidth Control

Support Enable Flexible policy-based bandwidth control bandwidth utilization can each host (IP) network for two-way bandwidth control, and effectively inhibit BT, Thunder and other P2P applications over bandwidth to ensure smooth flow of network time.

Connection Limit

IP-based connection limiting function to limit the number of connections each computer capita consumption, to prevent a few users take up a lot over the number of connections to ensure that games, Internet, chat, video, voice and other smooth conduct.

More useful features

stand by PPPoE Dynamic IP Static IP , L2TP and PPTP Access technology;

Internal / external network bidirectional port monitoring, data monitoring to meet the needs of the public security department;

Support DDNS and virtual server functions, easy to set up network servers and private websites;

Support Port Triggering, UPnP and ALG service functions, ensure that the particular network application successfully penetrate NAT;

The new all-Chinese WEB management interface, management and maintenance more convenient and faster;

Provide a list of logs and log server function, a detailed record of the network operating conditions;

Support Ping, Tracert fault detection and many other tools to help you quickly identify, troubleshoot network problems.