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HASEE Shenzhou genuine quad-core Mini PCS mini-mainframe computer desktop HTPC 128 miniature solid state

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Product parameters:

  • CPU type: Celeron / Celeron
  • Model: J1900 Quad-Core
  • Brand: Hasee / Shenzhou
  • Shenzhou desktop Model: mini PCS
  • Solid-state hard drive capacity: 128G
  • Energy efficiency rating: a
  • Desktop type: Commercial computer
  • Memory Capacity: 4GB
  • Memory Type: DDR3
  • Hard drive capacity: Other / other
  • Hard disk rotational speed: ssd
  • Memory Capacity: shared system memory
  • Screen size: No display
  • Display Type: Without display
  • Drive Type: no CD-ROM
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

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Shenzhou notebook sales ● About warranty



Parts category

Part Name

Free warranty period (from date of purchase)


Screen computers


The main components

CPU, memory, hard drive

Two years

Motherboards, power supplies / adapters, video cards

Two years

Three years

Laptop screen, laptop keyboard

Two years

Other components

Drive, floppy drive, CPU fan / cooling modules, other boards (except motherboard graphics), LCD-screen computer

A year

Special member

power supply

A year


Chassis (panel, indicators,
Switches, etc.) power cord, the other chain

Three months

Peripherals / Peripherals

Keyboard, mouse, sound
Camera, headset

A year

LCD Monitor

Six months

CRT monitors

Three months


Preinstalled software

A year

Random software (including software media)

Three months