Ai Niti scanning pen 3R-HSA519 portable scanner A4 file photo books color scanner

Ai Niti scanning pen 3R-HSA519 portable scanner A4 file photo books color scanner

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Anyty / Ai Niti
  • Model: 3R-HSA519
  • Scanning element: CIS
  • Scanner Type: document scanner portable scanner other / other
  • Service: Genius
  • Most large format: A4
  • Interface Type: USB2.0

Recommended portable scanner

Anyty (Ai Niti) portable A4 color scanner PDF HSA519PW, using CIS scanning technology, presents real-time data storage TF card, may also be PDF, JPG image formats exist to achieve a resolution of 900dpi scanning, truly 'mobile office' era!

Scanning method:

1. Press and hold the scanner power / scan button to turn on the power.
2. To scan an original on the scanner above
3. Press the Power / Scan button button LCD rear green light
4. The green light start, please start scanning down from
5. Scan maintain the status quo in the end at the hands off

6. The green light is off, digital LCD screen (timing) such as adding a description of a scan is complete

Product Features:

1. PDF / JPG image formats can be stored simultaneously meet the diverse needs of customers;
2. 900DPI resolution scanning, is currently in the portable scanner high resolution, more accurate than the traditional desktop scanners, such as glossy magazine, photos, etc. are not a problem;
3. Scan stable.

Image acquisition method:

Connect via USB cable from the computer and the image preview scanned, or pull the card to obtain.

product details:

easy to use:

A key switch JPG / PDF format; a high-resolution low-key switch.

USB port, memory card slot, memory card format

Back of the scanner the lamps (standard A4 width)

Portable scanner section on the 25th batteries:

Product parameters: (silver)

Image Sensor

A4 color sensor

White Balance

Auto (Correction)


High Resolution: 900dpi resolution: 600dpi resolution: 300dpi default

Scan amplitude

A4 paper w Large 216mm

Scanners length

High Resolution: 88cm high resolution: 14cm resolution: 248cm,

Scan speed (A4 paper scanner)

High-resolution color :: 12 seconds High resolution: 8 seconds resolution color: color 5 seconds

Extended Memory

MicroSD (1G-32GB)

Storage format

JPEG (default), PDF

transfer method

USB 2.0

Number of storage (equivalent to 1G) Zhang

Resolution: about 200 high resolution: approximately 440 resolution: about 1300


Display a variety of scan information

power supply

Section 2 Fives Batteries

Automatic shut-down

No action after three minutes

Number of scans (quite a battery charge) Zhang

Scan 200 (low resolution)

System Support

WIN10, 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Product Size

About 257x30x24.5mm


About 196g (including battery)

Product acessories:

Scanner packaging: