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The first layer of thicker leather septum pads King Kong Xingyue Podi hand string Fozhu play accessories accessories

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  • Brand: 1000 Connaught
  • Accessory Type: Other Accessories
  • Color Category: 6mm deep coffee 10 'new preferential' 8mm deep coffee 10 'new preferential' 10mm deep coffee 10 'new special' 14mm deep coffee 10 'new preferential' 16mm deep coffee 10 'new preferential' 18mm deep Coffee 10 'New Special' 12mm deep coffee 10 'New Specials'
  • Material: Others
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 1.00-9.99 yuan
  • New strange: fresh baked
  • Item No .: IVK88862

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Peas said:

August 1, 2016 update:

Leather new upgrade, better toughness, strength better. Like to buy cheap artificial leather buyers, do not place a single.

Some players really have some funny, cattle are bought, but in the cattle rope on the province of silver. Cow! Play to play on the real thing, and not afford to play!

Online and some take artificial leather to posing as real leather, Is also a group of 20, The price is cheaper than us, so that buyers mistakenly believe that the real cow, this cock, really let people cast aside, Peas will tell you what is not afraid of leather refining, I will generally give you 1

Specifically for you refining Refining

size: Thickness of about 2.2mm

Peas handmade workshops are one-hit out of a hammer!