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Type-c adapter micro B to Type C head Andrews data line head turn music as Max2Pro 1s

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Letv / music as
  • Data lines: mobile phones
  • Length: Other
  • Color Classification: Boxed Edition Lite Edition

Before buying: This section of the adapter for the old and new versions of the switch, you may receive the adapter for the gold or silver, logo may be 'LE' or 'Letv', please optimistic about making another Oh!

product material:

Product Size: 11 * 21.3 * 5.5 mm
Product color:

White + gold

Quantity: 1

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After-sales Note:

1. From the date of receipt, such as goods and packaging to keep music as the original sale and accessories complete, seven days return, fifteen days replacement. (Phone foil, protective cover, protective cover and other accessories only support 7 days no reason to return, Support for 15 days replacement service)
2. Refunded documents: the user provides the relevant order number.
3. Non-quality problems returned, the need for product packaging intact, does not affect the secondary sales, and users need to return freight.
4. Due to quality problems returned service, please contact customer service to confirm quality problems, customer service to solve the problem returned.

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